The Cup-2018: the overthrow of the monarchy did not happen

Environment. Kiev. The Palace of sports. Ukraine – Norway – 21:26. Ilona DENIED (with the ball) led to seriously worry the visitors ‘ defence. Photo by Vladimir RASNER


5th round

Group 1

UKRAINE – NORWAY – 21:26 (8:10)

Ukraine: Timoshenkova, Voron’ko; Volovnik, Snopova, Radish (1), And Peredery (3), Kompaniets (1), MC (4), Horilka (3), Gotra, Glibc (7), Party (2), Stelmach.

Norway: Lunde, Power-Solberg, M.; Jacobsen (5), Kurtovic (2), Bratset (1), B. Christiansen (5), Jantzen (2), Mark (2), Lloc (1), Hegdal, J. Christiansen (4), Bakkerud (1), Skogrand (2), Christensen, Fauske (1).

Seven: 7 (6) – 4 (2).

Penalty time: 6 – 4.

Judges: brkić, Jusufagic (both from Austria).

May 30. Kiev. The Palace of sports. 1600 spectators.


from the Palace of sports

Even nice that there were two thousand diehard optimists (well, a little less!), hoping for a win against the current champion of Europe, winner of the 2012 Olympics and bronze medalist in 2016. But in the beginning of this qualifying round all thoughts of Norway took out the brackets competition.

By the way, the victory of Ukraine “plus 4” in Sumy on handball players of Croatia blocked starting 22:35 from the group favorite. That is, all “got together to get scandinavica” and if neither of balkanci, no we don’t give points against Switzerland, the fate of the second mandate, in theory, be decided in the second day of the calendar summer. And there will cling to full-time arithmetic, and you’re home free.

Alas, those 4 points that appear in the table on the Swiss step, our them addressed. In the end, needed a draw on Wednesday with “pointillisme titles” (how else to call a team of Thorir Helgarson?), and even better – any of the numbers win. The difference is obvious: have today the team of Boris Chizhov three points, and would suit the most minimal win in Croatia. If, of course, Norway is behind the curtain will take its rightful over the Swiss in Larvik the forecast is obvious. What have a duck? It is necessary to create a “twist of three” in order to beat the skilful Croatia with double-digit odds. Here so as not to look naive, and needed to compete with Norway and its Icelandic coach for their own chance.

Although, if it is a Country of fjords on the chance hinted (understatement, castling his Grand-persons and reservists, complacency on the top of the table – underline)? The second version is partially delineated at the presentation of the trains: luxury flower bouquets coaching staff, guests gave Tonya Enkerud, MUA Hegdal and Ingvild Bakkerud in honor of their first official match for the national team in his career. However, the first one on the site has not appeared, and two of her friends occasionally. Although, the girl Ingvild at the gate of the Victoria Timoshenkova to sign in time. We are not less spectacular rose got debuted the day before zakarpatgas Elizabeth Voron’ko and Yana Gotra. They met the mission of jokers? Perhaps. Especially Lisa, and then knocks the enemy sight on the post.

However, to compete in long-range fire was too difficult. Not for nothing, Overture (3:1, 4:2, 6:5) provided, in fact, our linear – Goralska and Peredery. Despite the fact that Lily was conceived as a current change to the left inside Irina Kompaniets protection and then settled in the attacking ranks. Also because Ola that all three starting goals and built, soon had to go to the infirmary to Prokopovich Stanislav Ivan Gorvat. Hot Norwegian ladies, very unceremoniously, knocked Peredery landing, sorry, in the region of the sciatic nerve.

So, the growth parameters oppose we could hardly, and the lack of “in process” laiuk Olga and Natalia Savchyn, rises only to warm up, and remained a mystery to me. With subjects of the Norwegian king on our side of the barricades mandatory hitter, able to soar above the unit, as at the time Elena or Anastasia Tsygitsa Podpalova. The only one on this strategic direction Boris Chizhov removed from the sleeve, Ilona was denied. In spite of to put it mildly, unimportant, left Welterweight “Galychanka” joined the race in the middle of the second half – 13:16 and 16:18. Marvelous way they are without the same from the hopper Irina Glibko found a common language.

…Nothing, go play and continue the rhythm of the Viennese waltz (by the way, it is in the historic capital of the live radojko Brkic and Andrew Jusufagic – Austrian referee with a kind of Yugoslav names), but the guests realized that so long and to lose. Was included sprint speed, which created a decent strained and the judge-the informant, and the Director of telepower. Why? Very simple – yet Ukrainka experienced a moment of fame from Gol, Norway the go-ahead by his captain Veronica Christiansen was given the “quick centre” and in two-three passes brought the response “washer”. Literally on the backs of Housewives.

Add harsh “factor Lund”. Believe me, I judge not by the episode with the 7-meter from our captain Victoria Borshchenko. Experienced Katrin perfectly familiar with the habits of the Wiki, good recently, they partnerstvovala in those latitudes where six decades ago was filmed the famous “the Quiet don”. Madame Lund drew our shots and even with two hands at the level of the ankle (just kidding). For this reason unexpected example after the final siren brought always careful with humor Gennady Belokopytov, who stood at the post-Soviet origins of our handball Federation. With his teammate at the old Kiev “Petrel” by Valentin Carandini they remembered, as they seem to be fat goalie Marik Parkhomovskii, ready, when necessary, and to do a somersault from bar to bar, but most waited at the nth point, feeling which will throw one or the other opponent. As for the blond native of Kristiansand, it looked like Miss elegance and absolute MVP of the match.

Notice that the following penalties were already performed Gibco who have succeeded closer to the climax and as a master of feints with a cast ahead of the curve. One of them picked up the people on the ears – 19:20. But then happy tickets under No. 21 and 22 grabbed the youngest of the sisters Christiansen, Jeannette. By the way, this cat is cunning and flexible “roundabout” guests contrived earlier on a goal in the empty net, when the release Kompaniets we applied the “6×6”. Chizhova from the side it looked like a gamble, because we had to play VA-Bank. Even flashed a ray from MC (21:23), but brought hell right to the extreme northerners Marit Jacobsen Rosberg – 21:25 and 21:26. Handball ties to the monarchy “Kongeriket Norge” – quite resist.

Thorir HELGARSON, head coach of Norway:

– Today our team did not follow the distinct rhythm, which are used in their best games. Perhaps Ukrainka deliberately blocked those areas where we can use rapid transmission in the positional attack. In any case, most of the first half we were playing catch-up and only if you delete your ninth room (Julia Snopova and, incidentally, the foul was hardly viewed seriously. – Approx. E. K.) Junior Christiansen and very young Bakkerud took us forward. During the break we had to make adjustments. Due to a good counter, although smaller than I planned, managed story “plus 4”. But the fact that your reduced to one ball – confirms: Ukraine is a serious contender.

Boris CHIZHOV, head coach of Ukraine:

– This game took courage. Here, I think the fans make a claim should not, and in spite of the result, you saw how the audience surrounded the players after the final buzzer and thanked. Children asked for autographs. It was touching. Yes, we have not created a sensation, although I would venture to say that many concepts of our handball conceded very little or even almost equal.

Switzerland – Croatia – 16:33 (8:13).

Sh: Weigelt (5). X: Michiewicz (7), An Ox Tongue (5),

L. Kalaus (4), Blazevic (4).


1. Norway 5 5 0 0 10 155-107

2. Croatia 5 2 0 3 4 139-135

3. Switzerland 5 2 0 3 4 99-130

4. UKRAINE 5 1 0 4 2 105-126

6th round, June 2: Norway – Switzerland, Croatia – UKRAINE.

Sport-Express in Ukraine

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