The Cup-2018: South pole, North pole…

June 9. Minsk. DS “Uruchcha”. Belarus – Ukraine – 24:21. In the centre of defence the guests put the unit Vyacheslav GARDEN and Alexander SHEVELEV. Photo:

Matches at home against Macedonia and away from Iceland’s blue and yellow will complete the group harvest, and the chances of the Quartet now all equal.

So, the virtual, between the South and the North, was Minsk, where our team had the opportunity to hold two dress rehearsals.

By the way, these friendlies needed and Belarusians, and especially before leaving the Home for key match with the Romanians. Neighbors-rivals exchanged victories and really each other experienced as “the survival of the ship” and the length of the benches.

BELARUS – UKRAINE – 31:32 (11:12)

Belarus: Mackiewicz, Frost, D. Rutenko (3), Karvatsky (4), Fist (4), Babichev, Gaiduchenko (4), Brovko (1), Titov (3), Jurinak (6), Sheep (1), Podshivalov (4), Usal, Shumack (1).

Ukraine: Chuprina, Hyles, Popov; Akimenko (5), Outdoor (7), Tilte (3), Severin, Beetles (6), Denisov (9), Shevelev (2), Webbench, Driver, Beetle, Begal’, Goriga.

Seven: 5 (4) – 3 (2).

Penalty time: 2 – 4.

Judges: Gusco, Lobanovsky (both from Belarus).

June 8. Minsk. DS “Uruchcha”. 300 spectators.

First of all, this writer asked the coach of our team Vitaly Andronov how often he, as a player, crossing paths with his current Belarusian colleagues?

It turned out – quite simply I have forgotten the details. Well, Vitaly glad to remember that in tournament meetings SKA (Kyiv) – SKA (Minsk) found in the case of the Olympic champion-1988 Yuriy Shevtsov as his assistant at the headquarters of the friends. Because Igor Papruga then was known as a strong goalkeeper. Moreover, Andronov-Junior was last in the Alliance team, though from Kiev two years younger than Pappi. So, rendezvous in the night sky demanded that all three opening sentences.

The game evolved with varying degrees of success, or rather, as in the famous dialogue Georgy Zhzhenov and Innokenty Smoktunovsky from the story about Yury Detochkin: “You run I catch up”. Kind of bikers were the Ukrainian handball players, wrapping 4:6 (10 minutes) 9:7, 14:19 (38th) 22:22, dangerous 28:29 (57th) in the deciding 31:29 on the penultimate.

In principle, Shevtsov could refer to the shortage, as in the infirmary last week was Sergey Shilovich of BGK named after Anatoly Meshkov (Brest), CSKA, Vladislav and Alexey Kulesh Schinkel, well familiar to us Boris Puhovski (frontman of the Zaporozhye “Motor”) and Tom Wren from the French “San Rafael”. But this line was someone to replace Brest from the same cohort: in the “start” came a seasoned Maxim Babichev, in other episodes – Vyacheslav Shumak.

One way or another, and if you have not played right rides again Arthur Karvatsky (went under contract in Hungarian “balatonfüred”) put guests four goals and as many were in the other asset inside of Vadim, Gaiduchenko and playmaker Artem Fist, then our defense had not sweet. Equality was in many aspects. For example, one single “semirio” – Vadim Brazhnik parried the shot of Ivan Brovko and attempt Andrei Akimenko fell wide of the goal.

In fact, everything was decided in two or three minutes before the siren, when the hosts twice protocoale in Chapaevsky style and wonder. But, our played to the faithful, moving into the line of fire Vyacheslav Garden and the best shooter of the match (9 goals) Zakhar Denisov. By the way, from the extreme got a good result – five “pucks” took Akimenko (including one from the spot). Well polusrednem – the garden add Stanislav Zhukov, and his mission did.

I know friendly games are the same – the victory is always a victory. The people themselves create the bonus, it doesn’t measured by a Bank cheque. I like the expression guru of sports journalism of the Belarusian Sergey Novikov, uttered, however, on the topic of football: “team factor any material control is very muted”.

BELARUS – UKRAINE – 24:21 (8:12)

Belarus: Frost, Mackiewicz, D. Rutenko (3), Karvatsky (5), Fist (5), Babichev (1), Gaiduchenko (2), Brovko (1), Titov, Jurinak (3), Sheep (2), Podshivalov (2), Usal, Shumack, Alekhine.

Ukraine: Chuprina (1), Hyles; Akimenko (1), Garden (4), Urbanco (4), Severin (4), Beetle (3), Tilte (1), Denisov, Shevelev, Burzak (1), Begal ‘ (1), Goriga, Kravchenko (1).

Seven: 3 (1) – 4 (2).

Penalty time: 10 – 8.

Judges: ‘yanchik, Trofimenko (both from Belarus).

June 9. Minsk. DS “Uruchcha”. 300 spectators.

This time lead after the first half would have changed. Ukraine has been and closer to the intermission, turning 3:5 7:5, and shortly thereafter – 14:10. The dispute became hotter (see balance of removals). The “box” did not even played the day before Nikolay Alekhin, and we have twice been awarded the Novel Severin. Enough and saves with seven metres with specialist Brovko decided to become and Igor Chuprina, but still calculated Alexandra Podshivalova, and defended on the clock almost continuously Ivan frost coped with throws Akimenko and received a much broader powers Alexander, Urbanco. Note that the first number of Belarusians Ivan Matskevich of the Romanian “Steaua” picked up respiratory infections, and Shevtsov urgently mobilized “troops” Pavel Miskevich (which is is the capital of SKA).

You can also note the more productive the Belarusian defense than the previous day. So, the right angle, Andrew Jurinak, though, and scored less, but to protect the “5-1” has proved useful. The guests involved the entire bench, and the rookies managed to score goals. As, incidentally, Chuprina, who scored across the field.

Was it possible again to catch luck in the end? On the transcript, Yes: the draw was from 18:18 to 58 minutes. Only a few losses, including those not used by Yevgeny Zhuk gap, given the freedom of choice. Apparently, with logical clues Shevtsova, the arrow was transferred to the Karvatsky, and the left-hander has twice celebrated in the best possible way.

– We knew that the first microcycle in Koncha-Zaspa, – said Vitaly Andronov, must be fixed in good matches. In this sense, a trip to the neighbors cannot be overemphasized. Consider was a test, and in fact, often forgotten and what is remembered. It is not only workouts to get rid of a combination, but when you are a Pro, played in the Champions League.

– However, minus injured and another goalie Vyacheslav Soldatenko from Bundesliga “Balingen”, which was supposed to arrive later?

Is working moments, though significant. We, too, have missed Eugene Binenko, though, and believed that I would have time to recover and Dmitry Tyutyunnik – there is a problem with his groin. That was out of action Dmitry doroshuk, mentioned earlier. In this situation, we called for recruits, and already checked them with the Belarusians. It is a linear Ivan bursac from ZTR, rides again Dmitry Goriga and rightmost Eduard Kravchenko, who finished with a bronze season in the ranks of ZNTU-Zas.

For active rotation, I suppose, we missed the endgame of the second Minsk meeting after 21:21?

– Something in your version is. But wait, we have to verify who and what is able to perform under time pressure. In this match did not participate Zhukov, the curtain was not on the court, and Denisov, whom we at this time put only in defense. More played Gennady Coachman, I can’t build a back line of only three or four players. It is important that all of us were together and all at the same time!

– What to expect from the fight with the Macedonians that your players lose at the start?

– Reservation – played in Skopje no worse than the owners, and not everything depended on us. You understand, about what speech. Experienced opponent in a couple of our two-minute penalties. Guess the drawing against Macedonia before, but we still look at the record they may match with Icelanders. Serious caveat added Philip Mikulowski from the German “Wetzlar”, but the most iconic figure of their coach Raul Gonzalez, Olympic bronze medalist in Atlanta 1996 in the Spanish national team.

Is not whether the bosom buddy of Talant Duyshebaev?

– He assisted him in “Ciudad real”, and now he led Vardar to the title of the best club in Europe. With us in the fall of the Macedonian national team played, remember, led by a Croat Lino Červar. I will add that they booked a Charter directly in the bag and carry thirty people delegation. So, bets will be the coolest. But we are not their Boyfriends touch and move – the team is preparing according to plan. Hopefully, in the University arena will be sold out.

Eugene KAREL, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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