The Cup-2018: Communion leadership

Environment. Sumy. The Arena Of The University. Ukraine – Czech Republic – 26:23. The Central defence of the hosts was quite reliable. Photo: Yaroslav CHYZH

Group 4

3rd round

UKRAINE – CZECH REPUBLIC – 26:23 (14:12)

Ukraine: Chuprina, Priests, Hyles; Kozakevich (7), Garden (1), Tilte (6), Tyutyunnik (1), Beetles (6), Denisov (3), Shevelev (1), Begal’, Akimenko, Webbench (1), Severin.

Czech Republic: Mrkva, Galya; Yuri (6), Horak, Peter (1), Landa, Babak (4), Hrstka (9), Becvar (2), Steglich (1), The Hanish Islands, Linhart, Motel, Mubende, Skvaril.

Seven: 8 (7) – 5 (4).

Penalty time: 12 – 16.

Referees: Pandzic, Mosorensis (both – Serbia).

May 3. Sumy. The Arena Of The University. 1880 viewers.

I suspect that forecasts the result of the national team of Ukraine, the pessimists prevailed. First of all, referring to the legionary company of Chekhov solid clubs of the West. Yes, actually, “SE”, as they say, warned in a room for April 28. Version underestimation on the part of Jan Filip and Daniel Kubesa with their Pets I had before the game in sums to discard. Because the blue-yellow squad on the same platform six months ago, dealt with by the Icelanders, against which the Czech handball players while “in the red”.

But really optimists extinct in our circles? Not at all – in the first place themselves collectors wanted to prove the randomness of that autumn surprise, and their aptitude for the future. Plus the fans again became the “eighth player” for the company Vitaly Andronov. Another issue is that we can for as long Oh 60 revolutions arrows show the site? Dimensions of a competitor we are not surprised, quite the contrary. Although, not only to push and butt should be able to, but to think to move faster.

The Czech part was clear: light-winged, Jan Stehlik from the French “San Rafael” and novel Becvar from the German SK “Leipzig” appeared only in the second echelon of attack, completely freed of any defensive worries at the “posizione”. That is, the spirit was to beat the Ukrainians at the expense of speed and above, and in the rear to meet the “Mannerheim line”. However, the hosts in the opening stages was often on the ball in front, and parity Czechs reached only from the “Semerikov”.

Interestingly, a whistle on 11 minutes, it seemed a little far-fetched – supposedly for our protection in the area. Fresh left angle Jakub Hrstka of Slovak “Tatran” once again performed “the verdict”. Apparently, realizing the precariousness of “penela”, Aleksandar Pandzic, Ivan Moshansky regarded the tutelage of Stanislav Zhukov from man-rocks named Leos Petrovsky (linear Polish “nitric, sulfuric, perchloric, Pulawy”) as of two minutes of his release. Well, Artem Kozakevich beg was not able to 6:5. And soon, the same ubiquitous beetles, and then the guard Alexander Tilte issued smolkova not pleasing to the public “plus 3”.

…Looking ahead, we note that eminent (without any quotes), guests have never in the whole match did not go ahead. Catch up – yeah, like, say, after goals by Miroslav Jyrki, teammate Steglich (9:9), and soon greetings from the LIBOR Hanisch (11:11). But it is important that we have this initiative was returned to itself, and on the scoreboard, and in the shower. Timeout Vitaly Andronov four minutes before the break also looked logical. Even more so, in the short attack distinguished elected captain Zakhar Denisov. With the “point” confidently scored Kozakevich – in one case, a parachute. In short, in the locker room went with the odds.

Summing up time, have thrown three points. The first – rigid (“no one is Indispensable, there are not replaced on time”). This is to ensure that old song about the call, not all the strongest, it seems, is losing relevance. Andronov spent in the game is not massive, but quiet rotation. Among linear it touched began Dmitry Tyutyunnik and Alexander Shevelev. Yeah, last couple of times blundered in attack, but in the power martial arts definitely came in handy.

The second thesis – pragmatic (“If the goalkeeper returns – the team’s getting bolder”). Igor Chuprina, we fought them off as best he can. Knowing that we are always ready to insure an elder Vadim Brazhnik and Alexander Popov, who, as it turns out, then, is also recorded in the asset parried “Semitic” from Hrdi. In one of the episodes Chuprina got the ball in the face, but overcame the knockdown and continued to shoot down the guests sight. I can’t say anything bad and his counterpart. Martin Galya also got the mark for that Kozakevich immediately apologized. Yes, and its a Keeper from the Polish “Gornik” (Zabrze) rescued often.

Thesis No. 3 – ironic (the Phrase actor Vladimir Vladislav “All is stolen to you!” in the classic Soviet Comedy – did not materialize). We lost players due to injuries, some corny avoided calls from FGU, but the system has been others who believed that the Macedonian “bagel” from the start – just needs a lesson, and not engaged in the sharing of virtual glory.

However, the whole story was still to come. For example, the total “red” Pavela Gorak from the German “Erlangen” (40 minutes) and Vyacheslav our garden (54th). But there was in store ahead of a variant B – with the inclusion of Alexander, and Maxim Urbameco Begala that cereal is not spoiled. Maybe this was tactical plan Andronov? In General, your correspondent really believe in victory when the score was 19:15. The situation itself suggested. Andrei Akimenko in the counterattack forced Bechara to leave the team in the minority, but still deserved and 7-meter statistics Kozakiewicz. In a word, to share the advantage of Ukraine is not going.

Managed everything and always? If! Even with most of the “6×4”, the hosts played only one ball. In a typical its, Brovarsky period manner about a Garden with a swing and a continuation of the RAID came in the line of fire – 20:17, and 43 minutes was the name Tilte, who scored already in our minority (punished Zhukov) – 21:18. Applying fashionable this spring, the Boxing lexicon, say, say in the “championship rounds” – read after 50 minutes we walked in comfortable numbers 23:20. Despite the referees signal of a possible “liability”, Zhukov threw the ball in the web, in my opinion, not even jumping – 24:21. In response to Gol in emphasis from Petrovski, Denisov has managed to score a “4 to 5”. Well, when Yuri gave in attack “the player”, and Yang Landa exactly three minutes before the siren “sat down”, not having time for Akimenko, fans watched the match standing.

Ian PHILIP, chief coach of Czech Republic:

Apparently, we didn’t play so much to win today’s Ukraine. In the second half, frequent technical failures, and almost did not create obvious goalscoring chances. I think that to score 23 goals – a little.

Vitaly ANDRONOV, head coach of Ukraine:

– Have yet to realize how powerful the opponent was overpowered our guys. Very proud of them, grateful for the holiday that they had, not afraid to say, for the country. A little sorry that the hall was not filled all the way, but the people who came became a part of that victory, putting in her heart.

– Specifically you – a cool gift for the 45th anniversary. Will have to partake in a little bit?

Well, we’re in the night back to Kiev and fly to the second leg. So, once you deviate from the routine. Today we didn’t play fast – but it really was. You know, to play official matches in the birthday I had before, but to win, it seems, was for the first time. The important thing is that the guys and I took communion to the leadership of the group, even before the summer is still far away. Yet, I am glad that it turned out a show with intrigue until the last seconds.

Eugene KAREL, Sport-Express in Ukraine


1. UKRAINE 3 2 0 1 74-75 4

2. Czech Republic 3 1 0 2 2 82-79

3. Macedonia 2 1 0 1 2 55-56

4. Iceland 2 1 0 1 50-51 2

4th tour, may 6: Czech Republic – UKRAINE. May 7: Iceland – Macedonia.

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