The crash of the An-148 – it was a terrorist attack?

An-148. The causes of the crash. It was a terrorist attack?Eyewitnesses of the fall of the An-148 claim that the plane was burning in the air. Debris scattered over a large area,
evidence of the explosion on Board the plane. Experts understand the causes of the tragedy. It was a terrorist attack?…


In the West, unraveled the cause of the crash of An-148, but the attack is not excluded

The Author – Sergey Aksenov

Commission of the Interstate aviation Committee (IAC) according to the transcripts of flight recorders have called pre the reason of wreck of plane An‑148 in Moscow suburbs. According to experts, it could be incorrect information on airspeed indicators on the pilots, which in turn was apparently due to icing PPD when in the off state of the system heating them. But these are only preliminary results. The investigation will continue. Even the United States expressed a desire to help Russia in investigating the crash of An-148 in the suburbs. This was stated by the President Donald Trump in a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin reports Associated Press with reference to the press service of the White house .

Recall that during the previous phone conversation in December 2017, the Russian President thanked his American counterpart for information that helped prevent a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg.

In this connection it is interesting opinion of one of the pilots of airline “Saratov airlines”, which flew on the route Moscow — Orsk, including along with the deceased pilot of the An-148 Valery Gubanov.It publishes the “Radio Freedom”, without specifying the name of the source.

«This is a terrorist attack, in my opinion. And it’s not just my version, but many of the pilots of our airline, with whom I have talked. No error control or the processing liquid, the plane would not have collapsed in the air, and its wreckage would have scattered in a radius of one kilometer,” — said the pilot.

According to him, if the plane broke up on impact with the ground, the bodies and the debris would lie next to, compactly. “In such cases, many of the victims found in their seats. And then in parts all collect… This means that on Board was a powerful explosion, otherwise they do not spread”, he added.

Indeed, as of 8 a.m. February 13 in the area of fall of the An-148 was found about 1.5 million fragments of the bodies (the plane was 65 passengers and 6 crew members) and 500 fragments of the aircraft. For this it was necessary to examine an area of 30 hectares.

Both “black boxes” were found and sent to the laboratory. However, the Investigative Committee, without waiting for the results of their decoding, declared that the violation of the integrity of the liner in the air was not, and the explosion and fire occurred at the moment of collision with the ground plane.



It is known that in the period from 2010 to 2015, produced in Voronezh An-148 (side number RA-61704) operated by the state airline “Russia”. During this time, happened at least two serious incident associated with the operation engines. In 2016 “Russia” has passed on the problem Board subleasing “Saratov airlines”.

In November 2017 the audit of the company by the Federal Agency for transport supervision have been identified violations of service dead An-148. “The frequency of oil changes and wash the filter in accordance with the maintenance program shall be 375 flight hours. On this Board this work was carried out with a frequency of 750 hours,” a source told “MK” in the Department.

The Western press has called the small regional Russian companies “the weakness of Russian civil aviation”. According to operating in Russia Swedish journalist Anna-Lena Lauren she always feels insecure when you have to fly the Russian airline specializing in domestic flights, and if possible, select the “Aeroflot”.

On me last crash compared with the crash of An-148 in the Belgorod region in 2011. Then 6 people were killed all aboard.

Chairman of civil aviation of the Public Council of the Federal Agency for transport supervision, honored pilot of the USSR Oleg Smirnov not see clear evidence in favor of one of the versions of the crash.

— As a professional I always rely on facts. The peculiarity of this catastrophe of the An-148 is that the plane didn’t lose speed. That is, he didn’t fall randomly, and even before the landing had a decent speed. According to “Flaytradar”, which is about 600 kilometers per hour. With such speed at such low altitude flying fighters. Why it happened and should understand the Commission created by order of the President.



By the way, very well, that the site of the crash was the first the two Federal Minister of transport and Ministry of emergency situations. After all, it took a huge right resources. And Ministers have coped with this task. Broke town, provided equipment, etc. part of the reason was able to quickly find both of the recorder. There is written everything: engines, handlebars, other mechanisms, speed deviation, etc.

Now the main task is to unscramble them and to establish the cause of the accident to further exclude this kind of disaster. In the meantime, I do not see any objective reasons for this. The weather was gorgeous, the latest aircraft, the crew prepared…

“SP”: — whether the system the cause of these disasters, a small size regional carriers may not pay enough attention to security? Once it was the Saratov aviation division is a part of giant “Aeroflot»…

— “Aeroflot” not interesting flights that perform “Saratov airlines”. Regional carriers perform a very important social function, as it carries passengers for short distances. For example, flying from Blagoveshchensk to Khabarovsk, from Khabarovsk to Irkutsk, etc. There is very need this technique — up to 100 passengers, which is not the “Aeroflot”. On such lines are operated by our Yak-42 and An-148. This allows you to give way to domestic aircraft.

In the opinion chief editor of the portal Avia.ruRoman Gusarov to speak of the attack is premature.

— In St. Petersburg, the Americans warned us about the impending attack. What they can help us in this case, I can’t even imagine. Domestic airport, our aircraft, and our experts in explosives, certainly not worse than the Americans.



“SP”: – All depends on the version, which leans the investigation…

— Information of different kinds about the crash right now but it does not add up in some sort of slender overall picture. Called three versions: a fire engine doused the plane with de-icer and a terrorist attack. But so far, there are no facts which would form a priority version.

If the plane was covered with ice, it would fall just behind the airfield. If the plane had engine failure, he would not fall down stone — the plane flies fine with one engine. He could easily make a circle and sit down. Even with two failed engines it would have continued to plan, not to fly stone down. It’s not potatoes, it’s a plane, it has wings.

The same terrorist attack. As you know, the plane before falling performed some “maneuvers”. At first soared, then began to fall, then again rose up. Perhaps there’s some technical problems. Moreover, the place of the fall localized. The plane did not explode in the air. The flash from the explosion was seen on earth.

“SP”: — And yet…

With same success I can think of a few versions… for Example, to say that the engine of the plane had hit a bird. Could it happen? Yeah. It happens. But there is no evidence. Just as there is no evidence other versions. I think even those who are now in the field, on the site of the crash, can’t tell what it is. Will have to wait for the decoding of flight recorders.

“SP”: — the Western media write that the Russian regional carriers are less safe than large companies. If so, maybe we don’t really need?

— In Russia only about a hundred airlines. Of these, the first 15 large and all others small. For such a large area it is a little. And for those of US a thousand airlines and no one complains. Direct relationship between the size of the airline and its financial condition and liability issues. The rules are the same for all, check all the same.

Moreover, for example, “Transaero” and “VIM-Avia”, we see that a large company can not have fewer problems than smaller ones. Where is the guarantee that they provided security at the proper level? It can only guarantee the regulator, which monitors and reviews the large, the small and medium-sized companies. In addition, the number of carriers regulated by the market. Once in the country, hundreds of companies, so they need.

In General, it is difficult to imagine that such Western companies as “Lufthansa” or “British Airways” or “air France” was engaged in local flights on “maize”. To do this, they have other companies. We also have “Aeroflot” and others do main traffic, and small companies fly between regions. Without in any way.



Such regional companies in Russia, a lot, says journalist Oleg Lurie. — And they have a rather strange owners. The same “Saratov airlines” is relevant Sergey Evstafyev, friend and partner Anatoly Chubais. There was a story with “a box from-under the copier”. Then Evstafiev and Sergei Lisovsky took out half a million dollars of “black money” from the White house. There is evidence that “Saratov airlines” Evstafieva owns 55 percent. But to link this fact with the catastrophe is not necessary. Among the regional companies and is quite successful.

In turn aviation Manager Sergei Polozov inclined to think that the cause of the accident could be the human factor.

The version of terrorist attack cannot be ruled out, but I’m not sure. Rather, here the chain of events of a technical nature. And the human factor may be present. Because if you look at the global statistics of accidents last time, you will see that there is increasingly there is a human factor. Earlier it was smaller.

“SP”: — Why?

— Development of the aviation industry does not stand still. There are new types of aircraft with reliable air navigation systems equipment. But since the flight data recorders have already found, then all will soon be known the exact cause of the accident.

“SP”: — But in Russia, according to statistics, disasters happen more often…

— Disasters happen everywhere. Technical failures, piloting errors occur everywhere. Somewhere a little more or a little less. Russia is not fundamentally different in any way. But safety in any airline is in the first place. This “sharpened” all the standards. Then the efficiency, regularity and so on. By the way, air transport is statistically the safest transport in the world compared to rail and road transport.




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