The crash of a military helicopter in Kazakhstan, killing all 13 crew members

The crash of a military helicopter in Kazakhstan, killing all 13 crew members
09:23 Telegraph Today, the Interfax-Ukraine Photo: world news: in Kazakhstan In the crash of Mi-8 helicopter belonging to the Ministry of defence of the country, killing all 13 crew members.

In fact a helicopter crash in Kyzylorda oblast in southern Kazakhstan and the deaths of 13 soldiers conducted a criminal investigation under the article of violation of flight regulations, announced Thursday by Deputy Prosecutor General Andrei Lukin.

“The main military Prosecutor’s office today oversees a developing case and investigated criminal case. Hosts a variety of expertise, all necessary investigative actions, all this is under the control of the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan,” said Alexander Lukin to journalists on Thursday.

He said that the investigation is underway under article “Violation of flight regulations”.

The Mi-8 helicopter of the defense Ministry of Kazakhstan on Wednesday fell in Kyzylorda oblast and burned. The accident happened when the Mi-8 in the wing of four military helicopters flew from Aktau to Shymkent. Killing all 13 soldiers aboard.

In Kazakhstan, after falling completely burnt out military helicopter

The flight took place within the framework of comprehensive inspections and exercises of special units of “gold zhebe” (“Golden arrow”) in the dark and in difficult weather conditions.

The President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev has ordered an investigation, and the families of the victims to provide assistance.

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