The court called accomplices Abyzov: presidents and chairmen of

photo: Lina Panchenko

So, Nikolay Stepanov is listed as President of Novosibirsk regional Federation of Sambo Alexander Pelipasov — Chairman of the Board of Directors of LLC “First construction Fund” Galina Friedenberg — Director for Economics and finances of JSC “REMIS”, Maxim Rusakov, Deputy General Director of LLC “Ru-Com”. The post Abyzov stated. However, according to open sources, Abyzov is the owner of the company “Ru-Com”, the specialization of which is advising on commercial activity and management.

Also, the court said that Pelipasov and Freidenberg as Abyzov is charged with part 3 of article 210 of the criminal code.

Recall that the TFR Abyzova accused of fraud and creation of a criminal community. The essence of the charges is that Abyzov with associates in the period from 2011 to 2014 stole energy companies in the Novosibirsk region about 4 billion rubles. According to the investigation, together with ex-Minister of embezzlement of funds of JSC “Siberian energy company” and JSC “Regional electric networks” was attended by Nikolay Stepanov, Maxim Rusakov, Galina Frydenberg, Alexander Pelipasov and Sergey Ilyichev.

The stolen money was transferred abroad. Thus, according to investigators, the defendants “have threatened sustainable economic development and energy security of several regions of the country”

Also several media outlets reported that the structure Abyzov sold to the state enterprise FGUP “almazuvelirexport” the shares of four companies – ACC, Pris, PESK and REMIS – at highly inflated cost. SOE and shareholders overpaid for the stock by more than 20 times, paying 4 billion instead of 186 million rubles. It is known that, as victims in the case now are “almazuvelirexport”, whose leadership says, knew nothing about what Abyzov with co-conspirators artificially inflated the stock price, and shareholders SIBEKO and RES involved in this speculative, according to the investigation the transaction.

But the defendants argue that the stock price was a market. Abyzov, for example, according to his defense, “categorically rejects” the accusation. His detention has an interest in a business Ombudsman Boris Titov, who promised to ensure that some measure of ezboot ex-Minister, though not received from Abyzova requested.

Lawyer Abyzov, Alexander Asnis before the meeting, said: all that was reported about this case, is not true. And defender Maxim Rusakov Alexey Pozdnyakov, avoiding details, explained that the events that incriminated the detainees, touch 2012.

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