The cost of the MMC for environmental protection in 2018 increased by 25-30%

Environmental costs of mining companies account for around 40% of the total population.

Expenditure on environmental protection in 2017-2018 mining of iron ore increased by 30.3%, to 7.3 billion UAH, and metallurgy – by 25.5%, to 5.9 billion UAH. Thus, the share of these sectors in expenditures on environmental protection in Ukraine as a whole in 2017-2018 increased from 17.7% to 21.4% and from 15% to 17.35%, respectively.

The growth of environmental costs mining companies in 2018 ahead of the dynamics of production, because they usually grow in some proportion to the increase in production figures, but, alas, they last year were not impressive. In 2018, the Ukrainian metallurgical enterprises increased production of cast iron 2% to 20.5 million tonnes, and rolled products 0.2 percent, to 18.3 million tonnes.

At the same time steel output decreased by 1.5%, to 21.1 million tons, compared to 2017, and the production of iron ore concentrate fell by 0.3%, to 60,3 million tons

Overall capital investment on environmental protection in 2018 on mining of metal ores amounted to 1.7 billion UAH (15.3% of the total volume in the country), and in metallurgy – 2.8 billion (25.2 percent).

In the structure of capital investment on environmental protection of the enterprises of metallurgy in 2018 was dominated by measures for the protection of ambient air and climate change – 2,3 billion UAH, waste management – 295,6 million UAH and wastewater treatment – 179,7 million.

In turn, ecological measures of producing iron ore companies included:

  • the protection and rehabilitation of soil, groundwater and surface water – 1 billion UAH;
  • wastewater treatment – 267,6 million;
  • waste management – 281,9 million.

The highest spending on environmental protection in 2018 were in such regions: Dnipropetrovsk (9.5 billion UAH), Donetsk (UAH 3.7 billion), Zaporizhzhya (UAH 3.5 billion), Kyiv (UAH 2.5 bn) and Poltava (1.7 billion UAH) regions and in Kyiv (UAH 4.6 bn).

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