The commander in chief has awarded the pilots involved in retrograde

New year is approaching, and December is time to sum up. In August of this year was widely celebrated the 105th anniversary of the Military air forces of Russia. Then in the sky over the Park “Patriot” was a true parade of the legendary aircraft. December 16, the parade participants are members of the aeroclub of the Russian air force based at Kubinka, the awards were presented by the Minister of defense for organizing the parade. On how prepared one of the most spectacular events of the year, found out “MK”.

photo: Catherine Gabel

32 medals for “civil” flying club is not just a lot. This case — the first in history. After all, to put retromusic on the wing — not an easy task. The order awarding those who managed to do it, signed personally by the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu. Pilots came to congratulate the Deputy commander of VKS Andrey Yudin. He noted that the Aero club has made an enormous contribution to the preparation of the celebration of the 105th anniversary of videoconferencing and constantly making it into the upbringing of the young generation.

photo: Catherine Gabel

The awarding of the main heroes of the occasion were held in the hall of the Club cinema. Aircrew, flight managers, and technical personnel received medals, diplomas and valuable gifts. Alexander Gornov — honored military pilot of Russia, Director General of the Aero club of the air force, told “MK”. how did you prepare for the parade.

— Of course, participation in such events to us it is an honor, but it entails great responsibility. People are worried, worried that all went smoothly, and, of course, begin to try too hard. And in aviation too hard is not going to turn out bad. There should be an element of freedom.

— You yourself have expressed a desire to participate?

— We were approached by the commander of the VKS. We are the only Russian Aero club, which has such petrotechnical, and we created it as a flying Museum. So the suggestion of the commander-in-chief received with joy.

— How much time is left to prepare?

Two months, we almost did not get out from the airport. The fact that there were 160 units. The intervals span 30 seconds. Military pilots easier — in the morning built, and forward. And I have all the fans, everyone has their own work. It was hard. I personally fly at all participating in the parade of planes. Drove pilots with them. When convinced that people thoroughly understand how the machine behaves, and was confident that the pilot will not fail, only then allowed to fly. Even the test pilots did not protest against such control. In the end of the 2 hours and 20 minutes of the parade 40 minutes was our. We’re not just flying in the General scheme, we participated in the reconstruction of the history of aviation. Air battles, infantry support from the air — all this makes our flying club.

photo: Catherine Gabel

Alexander Gornov 50 minutes “hanging in the air” during the parade.

I had to go on stage three times. In the beginning of the show, in the middle and at the end. I flew in the Yak-52. In between the Airshow twisted shapes, — smiles Alexander.

He’s very proud of his flying club has already received 32 national awards.

— Of course, I have many and abused, and forced, he says. But sure, do all that is necessary is that people feel their importance.

— How to recover such a technique?

— There’s plenty of difficulties. You need to understand that when you lift into the air the car of the 53rd year, will definitely face difficulties. But I want to emphasize that all our machines were serviceable. In General, we regularly come to the Commission, check the aircraft. We are restoring them to factory, than to receive the relevant documents. There is the financial aspect. For example, the MiG-15 engine to 7000 horsepower, with tax it will be taxed as car — and it’s almost a million rubles. Every flight is a ton of kerosene, which needs to be purchased. And because we do not earn on their flights, simply making a festival for the people.

Igor Barskov, assistant General command of the VKS, which was presented at the event awards and gifts, said that the collection of the Aero club will continue to grow. Moreover, as aircraft piston aircraft and their jet counterparts.

photo: Catherine Gabel

It should be up to the su-17M3 and MiG-21 — how Sparky, and combat. In General, we are constantly in search of aircraft that can still be put on the wing. Our task is to collect as everything possible, since these cars — history of aviation, which is inseparably linked with the history of our country.

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