The child’s father 12-year-old schoolgirl from Lviv was not her neighbor

A DNA test showed that a neighbor’s boy, whose 12-year-old woman from Lviv called the father of the child – not the Pope.
About this on his page in Facebook wrote the lawyer-criminologist Anna Painter.
“The police opened criminal proceedings on suspicion of having a sexual relationship with a person under the age of puberty. The circle of suspects is wide — three persons who are members of the family of the girl. Today, three of them were in the Studio and the girl said that among them is the father of the child. Who is afraid of the girl and what is she hiding? Wasn’t there a rape?” — wrote a Painter.

She added that she was struck by the cruelty of the locals. People made fun of the girl and her brothers and sisters, what now the children are afraid to attend school.
“I think the time for such a massive medieval persecution of a man who is a victim, somewhere in the distant past. But no. People dare to speak about morality and think that their behavior is moral. They think they have the right of someone to teach and someone to blame. People, look at yourself and take an interest in your life, and not someone else” — summed up Anna Painter.

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