The chances of Russia’s victory in the 2018 world Cup was praised by scientists

A group of researchers from Austria, representing the Innsbruck University, calculated the odds to win each of the national teams participating in the world championship on football of 2018. According to the researchers, the probability that the winner will be receiving the championship of Russia, is just over two percent.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Experts have prepared the forecast based on information received from the 26 leading bookmaking firms, including the coefficients on the victory of various commands and data on individual prisoners officially bet.

In the ranking compiled by scientists, Russia is located on the twelfth place, beating two dozen other participants. However, from the “favorites” the Russian team is lagging behind quite significantly — the chances of winning of Brazil is estimated at 16.6%, Germany — 15.8, Spain — 12.5, and France, at 12.1 per cent. The odds of winning each of the other teams make up less than one in ten.

The final part of the 21st world Cup FIFA will take place in Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018 . For the first time in the history of the tournament the final game will take place in Eastern Europe and it will be the first held on the territory of two continents — Europe and Asia. Watch it be the fans not only across the Earth, but even in its orbit — the astronauts and the astronauts on Board the ISS will have the opportunity to watch the championship is not in the record, as it was before, and live. Russian Sergey Prokopiev, who will watch the tournament from space, even made a bet with a German colleague Alexander Gershom that the Russian team will be able to beat Germany if they meet on the football field. If Russia do win, Gerst will draw on his forehead of the Russian flag, if such a meeting takes place, but the victory of Germany, Prokopiev’ll shave my head.

Recently, the Russian government announced that from 1 June to 17 July 2018 in Russia will operate a new road sign “bus Traffic prohibited”, which will apply to buses at the adjacent inter-regional, inter-municipal and municipal routes.

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