The Championships, which were not

I wonder flashed would be Maradona in Colombia? Photo from archive “SE”

Closer the final tournament of the world championship – and all the less likely that it will be moved to a more prominent place. Time left.

Not the case, with Colombia in 1986. the History knows a variety of examples of change of residence world Championships – and the circumstances surrounding it.

In most cases, the choice of the organizers treated without incident, limited to a routine vote. Although, on the other hand, will remain a mystery to many undercurrents leading up to the elections. Someone may have already lost the last chance – at least make the tournament alone.

For example, three of those who claimed to be the first tournament – Hungary, Holland and Sweden, such a burden does not pull. Moreover, in light of the upcoming increase in the number of participants to forty-eight. In fact, probably only a dozen countries are able to manage their own efforts.

And then, faced with a choice that had to be done on 29 may 1929 at the FIFA Congress in Barcelona, the three aforementioned refuseniks joined by Italy and Spain. They undoubtedly included in the top ten is capable of. Then – even more so. It is possible that Uruguay, the only remaining contender, the refusal directly stimulated.

And he himself was more than a serious incentive (and excuse) to achieve the right to host the final: in 1930 the country was celebrating the centenary of independence, and for this case was going to build in Montevideo chic Centenario stadium, the likes of which, perhaps, was not in the world. Although Wembley and very old (1903) “Hampden Park” was vmestila.

It is unknown whether the promised Uruguayans some preference to those who refused in their favor. Probably not, because four years later they have themselves demonstratively refused to travel to Europe, responding to a similar action of the Europeans, presented in 1930 on the banks of La Plata modestly. This is the only case in the history of the world Cup, the next tournament played the winner of the previous.


And the only case when even the owner of the world now had to play the qualifying matches. The championship went to Italy deservedly so. Her only rival was Sweden. But what could counter the Vikings to their only, in fact, “Lead” country where already raging passion in created in 1929 Serie A, and Mussolini himself has promised (and later executed) an ambitious programme of building new stadiums?

But chief among them was not the future of Rome “Stadio Olimpico”, and then part of the giant sports complex “Foro Mussolini” after the Second world renamed the “Foro Italico”. The capital was provided in 1934 “party” Stadio del Partito Nazionale Fascista.

The lot has defined in rivals to the Italians the Greeks. God knows what kind of opponent, especially in those times. However, the Italians found it necessary to err. After the first meeting, the house won with the score 4:0, preferred to do without return, and as compensation to the Greeks for the loss of revenue from unsold tickets gave them 800 thousand drachmas.

Don’t know if that’s a lot, but the purchase of a new home for football Federation of Greece enough. It is clear that not defeat the Italians feared and legs cherished, being well aware of the mores of the local players. For ideas about this I advise you to read the story of max, Urbini “Player in Greek” from the collection “Football history”, albeit written after the events described.


The decision on the venue of the 1938 FIFA world Cup was hosted in Berlin, August 13, 1936, three days before the end of the Olympics. In that year and the winter Games were held in Germany, in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Sucking up to Hitler as he could to cool his ardor. All in vain.

Although the racial laws of Germany at the time was somewhat mitigated, and participants attending the Congress delegates saw everything and understood everything. Local organizers, everything was done to the German world Cup bid defeated the French (claim Argentina no one at first did not take seriously, although it would seem, the turn of South America), but nothing came of it

Overseas delegates for precedence are not forgotten, and their four voices Argentina took. But France got 19. Germany got nothing! Surely the voters could figure out how it will move in the Nazification within the next two years, and I suspected that quite seriously.

Proved right: the slogan “Germany above all” was actively implemented, and the England players, including Stanley Matthews, may 14, 1938 I met my German colleagues in the Olympic stadium of Berlin Nazi salute. Not really that wanted, but the Ambassador of the United Kingdom categorically insisted – to avoid the aggravation of international tension.

Yeah, I avoided it. Already behind was the Anschluss ahead – the division of Czechoslovakia. History repeats itself. The British-won – 6:3, but still consider that game one of the most shameful pages in the history of English football. Worse than the defeat of the United States in 1950 than spans past the world Cup 1974 and Euro-2008…

Maybe the result of the vote was affected by the failure of the Germans at home Games, where they managed to go after the defeat against Norway. They say it was the first football match, which was attended by Hitler himself. The second and final neutral Swedes in September 1942. Two months later, the German national team ceased to exist…


Before the world Cup in France got Austria, who won the qualifying tournament. Just a country ceased to exist – “reunited” with Germany after the referendum. After the Austria – Czechoslovakia, survived the 1938 FIFA world Cup, but in early 1939 and divided between Germany, Hungary and Poland (and Slovakia was formally an independent state).

And at the world Cup in France Italy, having spent several matches in all black, was the first. The Germans again disgraced even reinforced the best Austrian players (after 1939 “Mannschaft” will join more and a few poles, led by superlambanana Ernest Wilimowski), lost to the Swiss.

However, the German authorities were labeled on. Much further. Their x was more interested in football (not the Aryan, perhaps, the sport), and Olympic games.

However, the bid to host the next world Cup 1942 filed on the same day failed since 1938. In 1939, Germany was a rival in the person of Brazil, which, remember, isn’t it such a stadium as maracanã.

The decision on the venue of the tournament was decided at the FIFA Congress in Tokyo at the XII Olympic games in 1940. Numbering the main event is played from the first Olympics of modern times, and missed the count too. So really held after XI Games in Berlin in London in 1948, was number XIV.


And now – back to football. And to Germany. The Germans supermoderator the Olympic stadium in Berlin was not enough. In Nuremberg began to build a giant arena for 400 thousand. The chief architect of the Reich, albert Speer after the war, sitting on the verdict of the Nuremberg trial, in Spandau prison, he wrote:

“The biggest comparable with that structure in history was the circus Maximus in Rome for 150-200 thousand people, and our stadiums are being constructed at the time, had no more than 100,000 seats. The pyramid of Cheops, built around 2500 years BC, when the perimeter is 230 meters and a height of 160 meters has a volume of 2 570 000 cubic metres. The Nuremberg stadium was a length of 550 meters and a width of 460 meters and had a volume of 8 550 000 cubic meters, i.e. approximately three times more than the pyramid of Cheops.

The stadium had the size to significantly surpass all the buildings of this complex to be one of the biggest in history. The calculations showed that in order to accommodate all viewers, its outside wall had to have the height of almost 100 meters. To solve it in the form of an oval was not possible, resulting thus the boiler not only increases the air temperature, but likely would have acted oppressively on the psyche. So I chose a horseshoe shape, like the Athens stadium. On the precipice of about the same slope, the roughness of which is compensated for by means of wooden structures, we checked whether visible performances of athletes with upper tiers, the result was better than I expected.

According to preliminary calculations, the Nuremberg stadium was to cost 200-250 million marks, that is, at today’s prices is about a billion. Several million marks was ordered granite, pink for exterior walls, white for the stands. At the construction site dug a huge pit for the Foundation, during the war turned into a picturesque lake, giving an idea of the scale of the building.

In our exact schedule, this stadium had to be ready to Congress, 1945…”


Needless to say that about any of the Games in Tokyo in 1940, could not be considered. It was surprising how Japan got them, because after the occupation of Manchuria, the country was excluded from the League of Nations. But was able to work around such rivals as Barcelona, London and Rome…

The game took away the Japanese before the official start of the Second world war. As, incidentally, the winter of 1940, which was held in Sapporo. Were first moved to other places, and then completely canceled. But, as mentioned above, considered and taken into account…

The Games managed to come back in 1948. The players to withstand the cycle to continue in 1946, failed – too severe were the wounds inflicted by the war. For the first time FIFA has going in July 1946. Planned first to arrange something already in 1949, but wishing to host the tournament was not. Although in South America the Argentines after the victory in 1946, Brazil has declared itself world Champions. Not pass.

Yes, they do not believe. Unlike Uruguayans, the logo which adorn the four stars. Two for the true Championships of 1930 and 1950, two triumph in the Olympic football tournaments in 1924 and 1928. Well, the level is almost comparable, and until 1930 other alternative was not.

After the war resumed the national Championships. In neutral countries greater happiness and did not stop, and in many warring – divided into regional tournaments. Yes, in many States, coming in the Wake of Soviet policy, there was a significant part of the Communists (there were all sorts of “Guerrillas” and “red Star”, although, for example, in Czechoslovakia, the emergence of the army “Dukla” does not prevent the existence of traditional Sparta and Slavia).

In South America at this time generally the heyday of football. Held internal Championships, played for the championship of the continent. No one is pulling the players to Europe. Columbia, tried to arrange a football Eldorado, lured a bunch of Argentines, led by Alfredo di Stefano, refugees from socialist Paradise and other gentlemen of fortune, pursued the long peso or whatever.

However, FIFA quickly give dealers shorten. And from there the “millonarios” there are only high-profile names.


In General, as neither wanted to July the FIFA Congress in Luxembourg to continue with the Championships already in 1949, had to accept Brazil’s offer, agree to host the tournament subject to his appointment in 1950. Its application is very reminiscent filed in 1942. But added a very powerful argument – the future superarena maracanã.

Rivals Brazil was not at all, and her offer was accepted. Germany and Japan for the tournament are not allowed. Of the allies was on time jumped out Finland, which, naturally, has not passed. Austria said, but then refused. Italy came to Brazil directly as world champion.

By 1954 Europe lick the war wounds, priorities changed, and the Old world demanded circuses. However, the economy of war-affected countries was not yet so powerful that to host the world tournament. It was logical that honor went to neutral.

More precisely, even not quite so. The economy is up. The Germans, in particular, the notorious Marshall Plan helped, but the Swiss decision was made the next day after the tournament in 1950 was entrusted to Brazil. At the same time and date, respectively, moved – from 1953 to 1954. Also there was no alternative. In 1950 rehabilitated Germany, that is to say, Germany, and she was able to play in Switzerland, and even become a champion.

Here since 1958, everything went like in peaceful times. Even the Soviet Union joined. Originally, there were four candidates, but from Argentina, Chile and Mexico it was more a Declaration of intent. In the end, before the vote at the FIFA Congress in Rio de Janeiro only got a Swedish application. And no one objected.


The real competition started only in the fight for the right to host the world Cup in 1962. Logically, the right to it had the South Americans, and so missed his turn. In the dispute of Chile and Argentina stepped in was West Germany. However, after she clearly explained everything, bundespolizei withdrew. The result of the vote by a wide margin (34 to 11) won by Chile.

It is not clear what arguments were guided by the voters, because the conditions of the tournament were not so hot. Especially in the desert in the North in Arica, which drove the USSR national team. However, we must acknowledge the dedication of the owners, headed by Chairman of the organizing Committee head of the Chilean football Federation Carlos Dittborn, who challenged the Great Chilean earthquake may 22, 1960 with its epicenter in 435 kilometers from Santiago.

According to official figures, killed 5700 people. More than a hundred thousand were left homeless. The destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami reached California, Japan and the Philippines, it is difficult to Express in figures.

In September 1960 Congress in Rome even raised the issue of moving the world championship to another country. However, Dittborn flatly refused even to discuss the problem. Had to cut financial appetites, and on the initiative of the same Dittborn a considerable amount intended for the construction and renovation of stadiums, were sent to help the victims.

Had and with all planned scope. Limited to four stadiums in four cities. This, of course, not allowed time to play the last round in groups, but then on this special and thought of. Even the match Austria – Germany in 1978 immediately made me think.


Chile could happen is the precedent of the cancellation of the championship after the start of preparation. The following such a case had to wait more than 20 years…

After Chile – normal wrestling for the right to host the tournament in 1966. Finally, his voice waking from hibernation intecontinental the founders. Not willing to go the distance the Germans, remembered their pre-war claims to the Spanish, though later, soberly assess their chances in the competition with monsters, its application was withdrawn.

The battle for the championship was as fierce as the ensuing final Tofik Bakhramov. With the same success – 34:27 in favor of England at the Congress in Rome on 22 August 1960 in the vote, held in one round. The Germans had to postpone his claim for another eight years. Then again, it seems no one ever accused the competitors of impropriety.

Applicants for the next tournament was already more. Initially – as many as six. However, to vote on 8 October 1964 in Tokyo, stayed the same pair of candidates. This time is Mexico and Argentina. The highlands of golosovaniem not frightened, and with a decent majority (56 vs 32) defeated Mexican application.

At the same time, figures from FIFA scratched his head, thinking that’s probably not the best option – a play off between the applicants and had made a fateful decision – to determine the three closest pravoobladanie crowd. Just those who lost a previous race.

July 6 1966 in London decided in 1974 played in West Germany, 1978 – Argentina, 1982 – Spain. With the number of participants was determined later. Resolved and did not have any problems until June 9, 1974, when at the Congress in Stockholm the right to hold the championship from trusted Columbia. More precisely, laid the bomb…


It is not clear what the Colombians in the next eight years (maybe unsuccessful fight against drug trafficking and guerrillas of the left wing), but somehow, despite the fact that at the end of the world Cup in Spain on the scoreboard of the stadium “Santiago Bernabeu” flashed the words: “see you in Colombia!”it was obvious that the problems can not be avoided. At the best

The fact is that if in Chile in the early 1960s, the whole country was for the championship, and even a terrible earthquake did not shake the confidence of the people, Colombia is ripe for a serious opposition, saying that the country is full of more pressing Affairs than holding the world Cup. Those more that had to play as Spain in 1982, 16, and 24 teams.

What for Spaniards is not a problem for the Colombians proved to be too much of a burden. The oil pipe there, and the wellbeing of its people still sometimes thought. Not recommend to stay…

Another thing, why did you have to wait so long. Only at the end of October 1982, Colombia has matured to the official disclaimer. This informed the FIFA President personally Columbia Bentancourt, Cortes. The situation was discussed at the meeting of the head of FIFA with the participation, of course, of President Joao Havelange and General Secretary Joseph Blatter. Then gathered the Executive Committee determined the time and place of the decisive meeting – may 20, 1983, Zurich.

The Mexican delegation took ten minutes, Canada – 30 and us – 50 to argue in their favor. However, consideration of the country that will host the world Cup in 1986, looked like a formal procedure. Essentially, as emphasized by then, people in the possession of inside information, the decision was made earlier in favor of Mexico, and to change it was impossible.

Except that the head of the American organizing Committee, former U.S. Secretary of state Henry Kissinger hoped to otherwise. He arrived at the head of the delegation, including Pele, and with an extensive report. His mission failed. Mexico won unanimously and has held the championship at the highest level.

Imagine what this would do in Colombia…


But Kissinger tried not to wonder. The following non-European championship went to the Americans, was considered the favourite of the Brazilians and modest, but caught the second, the application of Morocco. By the way, the Moroccans after another four qualify for the finals, but every time lost. One day – even when it was known that the championship will go to Africa.

Won South Africa received the 2010 FIFA world Cup, but the tournament of the century in the determination of the host country without corruption is almost not treated. Except that when the 2014 world Cup was filed by only one of the Brazilian application. The 2006 world Cup was awarded to Germans, because the old man from New Zealand, whose support has secured the South Africans, whether switched at the last moment, or have been overbought.

Next time in South Africa was already smarter, and its 2010 world Cup missed. Another thing is that in 2015 has emerged: the Vice-President of FIFA Jack Warner received a bribe of $ 10 million (at least required, and not all the money for themselves) to be taken the “right” decision. Here just found out about it already years after the completion of the tournament.

The “error” of a new Zealander Dempsey knew at once, only monetary information has emerged only relatively recently.

With Russia and Qatar, it had been clear that there is not all clean or all unclean, as repeatedly said after the dismissal of former FIFA President Joseph Blatter. And nothing…


Special article – the world Cup which could take place in the USSR in 1990. On the crucial vote, which took place on 19 may 1984 in zürich, went to Italy and the Soviet Union. Wanted to fight Britain and Greece their applications withdrawn. Interestingly, this happened before “eyzelya,” which will happen only next year.

But, it is possible that the reason is the same – the British could not provide security from their own fans. The Greeks also apparently realized that he is trapped in his business, and to argue with the great football powers did not.

Initially it was believed that higher chances just in the Soviet Union, which, like Germany in the mid-1930s, was required to please. Didn’t want another “Boeing”. But on may 8 – 11 days before the vote on the world Cup, the Soviet Union announced the abandonment of the Olympic games in Los Angeles.

Is explained by the fact that the Americans do not guarantee the security of the Soviet delegation. All knew that the answer to Washington’s boycott of the Moscow Olympics.

Later became known other version: Moscow learned about tightening anti-doping program Los Angeles. After the game the sports Committee to play did not want to… FIFA said. Now somehow easier – money talks.

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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