The Central Bank of Russia operating at a loss: how much the banks lost in 2018?

When it come 2019 I, in addition to congratulations, your readers have hinted that in the next few months we will have to wait for interesting messages about the records, or rather the record of our hybrid neighbor, who has lived another year in the arms of a caring sanctions.

And so it happened. Month-to-month in the light of statistics and data that clearly demonstrate how deep the bottom hit the economy of Russia.

Thus, it became known that in 2018 the net loss of the Central Bank of Russia amounted to about 435 billion roubles. The total losses incurred by the Bank for 2017 – 2018 amounted to 900 billion rubles.

Interestingly, considerable losses of the Bank due to banking crisisof which I write far more than the Russian Federal mass media. In fact, the theme rolling into the Tartars of the Russian banking system, hybrid television equated to the taboo.

Meanwhile, from 2013 to the beginning of 2019, the number of banks in Russia decreased from 897 banks to 440. According to the banking analytical group Fitch Ratings since 2013, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to the rescue of the banking system spent about $80 billion, or 5.2 trillion rubles.

Also do not forget about the dubious attempts of the Bank to move from dollars into yuan and buy gold. All this cumulatively has led to the fact that the main financial institution of the country incurs billions of dollars in losses from year to year.

But, looking ahead, I note that by the end of this year, according to the most optimistic forecasts, Russia will remain less than 400 banks. This means that the stabilization of the system and its salvation will be allocated again the hundreds of billions.

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