The Central Bank issued plastic 100-ruble 2018

The Bank of Russia on the occasion of the upcoming world Cup produced the first polymer banknote ruble. The banknote in nominal value of 100 rubles, dedicated to the sport theme and dreams of the national football about chanting the glory of the great players of the past.

Photo: The Bank Of Russia

The regulator said that the new hundred-ruble note issued with a circulation of 20 million copies, was the first polymer banknote.

The obverse depicts a boy with a soccer ball and t-shirt with the number 1. Immediately, the legendary Soviet goalkeeper Lev Yashin protects the gate, and a graphic image of the stands at the stadium.

As noted in the release of the Central Bank, the song “symbolizes the continuity of generations – the boy wants to repeat the achievements of great players such as goalkeeper Lev Yashin” (we will remind, on the eve Minister of sport Pavel Kolobkov said that the objective for the team for the upcoming tournament is out of the group).

The reverse painted soccer ball, stylized globe, which clearly stands out is Russia. Then there is a picture of football fans and three colors of Russian flag and lists the names of the cities that will host matches of the world Cup.

The Central Bank said that the banknote there is a visual security features, which, thanks to the transparency of the polymer can be checked from both sides. Including talking about the hologram in the upper part of the bill, which is in the ultraviolet showing the logo and emblem of the world Cup. Also the edges of the front side located vertical relief touches. Also here is a QR code that leads to the website of the Central Bank, in the section on protective signs of banknotes.

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“The Central Bank showed new plastic bill with Lev Yashin”


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