The capital “action movie” with one unknown

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April 22, the capital club “TIM-SKOUFA” and “Avangard” will play their first match of the final series of the national championship.

In principle, this final was expected at the beginning of the season, as the teams of Marina Tkachenko and Vladimir Holopov appeared the most complete and balanced in all lines. Moreover, “skoufaki” during the championship managed to increase olkhovyk Anna and Olga Krasnikova.

At the same time is still the reigning champion of Ukraine, with the departure in the off season leaders – Arina Belotserkovsky and Catherine Dobrikova, at one point turned into a mediocre team that fight for the preservation of the title was frankly not able to do.

And especially blew timely furnishing of “Dynamo-NPU” because to grow in autumn or at least winter was simply nobody. Not helped by occasional American. Therefore, the output at least in the “bronze final” is the ultimate dream, which glorified the Kiev Grand worthy this season. Accordingly, gold will compete for two other members of the capital…

Confrontation confrontation “TIM-Skoufa” and “Avant-garde” in the current season the strongest have not revealed their opponents scored two victories. One Victoria “Avant-garde” came in the Ukrainian Cup final, where in the final quarter Spitkovsky Eugene and Olga Lackovic managed to turn the tide of the emerging unsuccessful match earlier. But in the championship, “skoufaki” won twice and now starting the final series at home to SK nufusu, have a small psychological advantage.

In fact, some of the advantages they have and the organization of collective action, while Avangard relies more on individual skills of certain players. As such, their composition is enough – the same Spitkovsky and Jackowitz, plus Elena Ogorodnikova, Irina Tsekova, Victoria Condos… However, the “Panther” also is not a gift – Daria Enviable, Olena Gulyamova, Vita Gorobets, Natalia, Skorbatyuk, Miriam Uro-Nile (although she is still recovering from injury)… also the players of both teams are not averse to extremely hard actions, that is, on the brink of a foul, the site is expected to the same “action movie”. And who in the end nerves will be stronger – while we can only guess.

Of course, much will depend on the skills of the mentors time to make the necessary adjustments to make substitutions. Therefore, such a confrontation Marina Tkachenko and Volodymyr Kholopov – additional “twist” ending.

In short, almost the first time in the last ten years, the title will challenge approximately equal in their capabilities to opponents, where to call one of them the clear favorite not dare. Well, long live the intrigue!

Sergey DATSENKO, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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