The brutal murder of the couple in Nikolaev: what do we know about attackers

January 30, near the Lenin court of Nikolaev there was a fierce shootout in which killed 58-year-old man, Mikhail Belov and his 60-year-old wife from Odessa.
What happened in Odessa?

Attacking there was an inhabitant of Nikolaev, the head of Bagirian. In 2008, he took the couple about 40 thousand dollars, but was not able to return them. That is why spouses and sued the man in court, said the people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko on his page in Facebook.

After the court decision in favor of the debtor the pair shot the couple immediately near the building of the regional court.

Subsequently, the police of nikolayevshchina published video of the shooting from a surveillance camera. Due to the received traumas the woman died immediately. Doctors tried to save the man, but he died in the ambulance.

The attacker was detained by a policeman who was passing near the scene. “There is no gang, this is personal,” said Bagiryan during interrogation.

Law enforcement officers immediately detained the attacker // the Police of nikolayevshchina

31 Jan the man declared on suspicion of committing premeditated murder. He faces 10 to 15 years of imprisonment or life imprisonment.

The lawyer of the deceased couple Oleg Kiryukhin during the attack was near the couple. “I knew that the third can be me,” he said.

Arkady Kirman representing in court the interests of Bayrante, said that he was not a witness to the crime, but stressed that he was shocked by the actions of the defendant. In addition, Kirman assured that he will represent the interests Bayrante for the murder, reported the BBC Ukraine.

What about striker?

According to the Nikolaev mass media, the head of Bagiryan was born in 1966 in Odessa. On page men in social networks “Classmates” States that he studied in Armenia.

Bagirian, is the founder of several companies. In particular, “Agromaster plus” in the Kherson region, which specializes in the cultivation of crops. The activities of another it company – LLC “Gecar”, which was engaged in wholesale trade of agricultural machinery in the Nikolaev area, has been discontinued.

In 2017 the Nikolaev activist Yulia Miskevich published online a recording of a fight involving human subjects in the name Gerasim, Bagiryan and local official Alexander Zholobetsky, which later became the people’s Deputy. The events in the video took place in one of entertaining institutions of Nikolaev in 2013.

In February 2017, both men commented on the incident jurnalistov and assured that the conflict between them has long been exhausted.

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