“The bright fireworks for all”: the Ambassador of Korea on start of the Olympic games in 2018

26 January in the Moscow international house of music hosted the concert of the famous in the international music circles Korean singer Sumi Cho (soprano) and the Russian tenor Alexey Tatarintseva in support of the Russian sportsmen on the winter Olympic games 2018 in Pyeongchang. The concert was a real gift for more than 1000 guests. Sumi Cho supported the participation of North Korea in the Olympics and expressed the wish that the sports festival has brought peace to the Korean Peninsula and peoples of the whole earth and performed the song “Melodies of the mountains kymgansan”. Although currently kymgansan mountains are in North Korea, this song is loved by all Koreans.

Singer Sumi Cho.

February 1, at the opening ceremony of the Year of Korean cinema “Reset-2018” was the official song of the Olympic torch relay for the 2018 Let Everyone Shine. On the faces of the Russian spectators could see not only sadness, but resolute, after athletes from Russia, overcoming difficulties, were able to go to Korea. The plot shown in the day of the film “Rise-2” has much in common with the formation of the United women’s team of South and North Korea in hockey. The film has caused among Russian viewers at the same time and smile, and tears.

Winter Olympic games 2018 in Pyeongchang its significance is not only a sporting event of international level. First of all, this Olympiad, held 30 years after the summer Olympic games-1988 in Seoul, is the first winter Olympics in Korea’s history. Thus, the Republic of Korea will become a country in which it was held both summer and winter Olympics. Today, February 9, 2018, at 14.00 Moscow time, in the city of Pyeongchang, located in Gangwon province, will start the opening ceremony of the XXIII Olympic winter games, which “will unite all people on the planet into one big family.”

The Republic of Korea will become the fifth country in the world that has hosted four international sports events of international level. For the Olympic games 1988 in Seoul was followed by the world Cup 2002 and the world championship in athletics 2011 in Daegu. In addition, Russia and Korea together will be included in the seven countries that have conducted the winter Olympic games and the world Cup.

In my opinion, the Olympic games in 1988 in Seoul was made possible thanks to the tenacity and sincerity of the citizens of the Republic of Korea. Korea four times has applied to host the winter Olympic games and finally achieved success. It is these qualities — sincerity and perseverance has led us to the opening of the Olympics. The current Olympic games are held in conditions of increased political tensions in northeast Asia, and therefore the mere fact of a peaceful Olympics has a special meaning. First of all, the Olympics will people come from all over the world, and it will make historic contribution to the strengthening of peace not only on the Korean Peninsula and in northeast Asia but throughout the world.

Winter Olympic games 2018 in Pyeongchang, held under the motto “New horizons”, will be an event that truly opens up new horizons in various fields. This is the largest winter Olympics in history: the number of States parties (92), and the number of medals (102 gold medals), and the number of athletes (more than 2,500).

In addition to the Olympic winter games-2018 provide the Republic of Korea the opportunity to show their achievements in the field of culture, information technology, environmental protection etc. fields. But above all, they carry the message about the value and importance of peace on earth.

Korea, passionately striving for peace, will be the place where most fully embodied the Olympic spirit, striving for world peace and love for humanity. During the Olympic games in Pyeongchang peoples from different countries will be inspired by the Olympic values and ideals. Tonight’s program is the opening ceremony of the Games based on the principle of harmony, reflecting the spirit of traditional culture of Korea, and on the principle of Association characteristic of modern culture, will also be a message of peace.

Thanks to agreements between South and North Korea and with the approval of the IOC (International Olympic Committee), North Korea has sent to the Olympics a delegation of athletes, a group of people and performing troupe. As the Games take place on the territory of Korea still remains a divided country, this Olympics will be the first step on the path to reconciliation and peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula. The government of President moon Jae-In, in preparing the draft of the “Olympic games of peace” has repeatedly explained its essence to North Korea and was able to convince her. As a result, at the time of the Olympics and Paralympics 2018 in Pyeongchang will be a joint release of the sports teams of South and North at the opening ceremony of the Games, participation in competitions of joint women’s ice hockey teams in, the presence in the stands of the collaborative team fans, the performance of the creative team from North Korea and joint cultural events.

Of course, North Korean participation in the Games is important as it will contribute to improving relations between South and North and will be the beginning of a peaceful solution to the nuclear problem of North Korea.

The government of the Republic of Korea based on the principle of the need for dialogue between the South and the North. Interacting with neighbouring countries, including with Russia, it will make every effort to restore relations between the South and North of denuklearizatsii North Korea. Having made the decision to participate in the winter Olympic games 2018 in Pyeongchang, North Korea has refrained from missile launches and supported the idea of inter-Korean dialogue. This position is a good sign.

As Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in the Russian Federation, I thank and respect the decision of the Russian athletes participating in the Olympic games, despite the circumstances, and hope that the athletes from Russia, which is a strong nation in winter sports, are making excellent progress and will make a great contribution to the development of winter sports in the world. I assume that Korea and Russia should work together more closely in the promotion of the spirit of the Olympic movement and the ideals of human unity and world peace. Embassy of the Republic of Korea, aiming to support the athletes from Russia and representatives of the Russian Olympic Committee sent four members of the Korean cultural center in Gangneung-si. On 26 January I, as Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Korea handed over to the staff, heading to Korea letters of gratitude.

According to the agreements reached in December last year between a leader of the joint Democratic party Chu Mi e and Chairman of the State Duma V. V. Volodin, and also the President of the Russian Olympic Committee A. D. Zhukov, a group of supporters of the Democratic party of Korea (“Min Zhu Rus”), representatives of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Korea, the coordinating Council of Russian compatriots in the Republic of Korea (XORS), “the community of lovers of Russia” had a Grand reception which arrived on February 6 in Incheon international airport of the Russian athletes. They provide support from fans to athletes from Russia during the most important competitions, will provide comprehensive assistance to athletes and members of Olympic Committee of Russia (interpreting, accompaniment, assistance in Pyeongchang, Gangneung and Jeongseon).

In accordance with the words of the official song of the Olympic torch relay Let Everyone Shine the Olympic winter games 2018 in Pyeongchang will become a worldwide festival where “everyone can realize their dreams and aspirations, to identify their hidden potential and discover new horizons.”

I truly wish the participation of Russian athletes who took the decision to go to the Olympic games in Pyeongchang with the aim of developing friendly relations between their Homeland, Russia, and other countries, turned the Olympics into “the bright fireworks for all people.”

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