The bridge of the occupiers in Crimea rapidly shallower channel of the sea port.

The Kerch channel rapidly shallower. This is evidenced by measurements of water on its sites: the change is especially noticeable in the period from 2015 to 2019. Abrupt shallowing is most likely caused by the construction of Crimean bridge.

So, in the fall of 2015, Kerch approach channel to allow the commercial port of the vessel with a draft up to 8 meters, and in January of 2019 a through draught of ships has decreased to 4.9 meters, reports “Kerch.FM.”

The process of shoaling gradually stretched in time, but it intensified sharply after the start of construction of Crimean bridge.

In this time period (2015 to 2019) were adjusted several times passing ship draught, and only in the direction of reduction.

According to experts of the edition, channel silting is a natural process, but it indicates the worsening of the problem after the construction of Crimean bridge.

After the start of construction of Crimean bridge in late 2015 silting is rapidly increased. The problem may be a change in the hydrodynamics in the Kerch Strait. The flow of water from the Azov sea brings sand and silt, which may not completely pass by the bridge supports. Creates the effect of “comb”. The water flow tends to go around the bridge and the sludge is filled into the waters of the Kerch Bay, which began to shallow,
the expert explained the Kerch site.

In addition, siltation can cause a serious problem in navigation through the Kerch Strait. He can be saved only if continuous cleaning channel. However, this effect is also observed in the Kerch Strait. In recent years, there are several vessels stranded in places where they previously freely held.

“Reducing precipitation passing ships have a very negative impact on the ability of ports. Silted Kerch approach channel stops advantages of deep-water berths. Coupled with sanctions and new legislation, it is in fact “killed” the Maritime industry Kerch. Wages in the Maritime sector has fallen several times in comparison with the level 5 years ago. A lot of people lost their jobs,” – noted in the publication.

What is the Crimean bridge?This is the ferry that connects Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula from the Taman Peninsula in Russia. He illegally erected by the invaders: may 15, 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin opened the bridge and started the car.

The length of the crossing is 19 kilometers. Russian occupants are going to open railway traffic on the Crimean bridge in 2019.


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