The breakthrough of the national team and the Ukrainian Mariupol: TOP football of 2018 success

TOP football of Ukraine’s success in 2018. Photo: Espresso

Last year for Ukrainian football was quite successful. About the key achievements of representatives of the national football remembered the journalists of “Football 1/Football 2”,

Defended football in Mariupol

On 12 February, the football Federation of Ukraine has defended the right of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol on football. Recall, the Kiev “Dynamo” at the end of December 2017 made the complaint in Sports arbitration court in Lausanne, by transfer team, a technical loss for non-arrival on a match of the 7th round of the Premier League in Mariupol. The capital club have referred to the dangers of the away team in Mariupol. A hearing was held on February 12 in Lausanne. Then the court of arbitration for Sport in Lausanne rejected the claim of the Kiev “Dynamo” in FFU.

“Ukraine we have one. All fans have equal rights to support their team. And what would this city was not – it is our only country”, – commented on the victory of the President of the football Federation of Ukraine Andriy Pavelko.

Historic final

In may, Kyiv hosted the Final of the Champions League. Holiday in the Ukrainian capital became possible thanks to the efforts of the FFU, because there was a risk that the game could move to another country.

“When I first came, the UEFA delegation was inspected NSK “Olympic”. We had a very difficult conversation with Alexander Ceferino and Martin Kalina in the headquarters of UEFA that will have to make a decision to postpone the Champions League match from Ukraine to another country. I personally guaranteed the UEFA President, that we do it. It was a risk, because at that time was very tight deadlines, which needed to be executed. But I knew that it was very important for our country, especially in 2018, ” – said Andriy Pavelko.

FFU managed to overcome financial and technical difficulties. Problem “Olympic” received the status of an elite stadium, Pavelko – a special gift from UEFA President Aleksandra Ceferin, founder, and all the fans – unforgettable impressions from the historic Champions League Final.

Kick match-fixing

In 2018, the police in conjunction with the FFU investigated the consequence of which was a wave of arrests involved in contractual football matches. The result of the work of the police, prosecutors and the Committee for ethics and fair play FFU was documenting 57 episodes of crimes involving 327, 35 football clubs.

The Foundation for such a Titanic work them the bill Pavelko, allowing the establishment of a mechanism to counter match-fixing. In 2019 the UFF hopes to put the winning point in the investigation about contractual matches.

“I am sure that in 2019 we will see concrete results. This year will be the year where we are required to deliver assessment specific performers in contractual matches. Believe me, no one will have any privilege. All will suffer the maximum punishment, especially it involves the sports part, ” said Pavelko.

Breakthrough Team

In the autumn the national team of Ukraine held four matches in the new tournament of the League of Nations the League. Started the blue-yellow field with a comeback victory over the Czech Republic (2: 1), continued performance with a victory over Slovakia in Lviv in an empty stadium (1: 0), and then overcame the Czech Republic – this time in Kharkiv (1: 0). The maximum rate in the first three matches allowed the team of Andriy Shevchenko ahead of time to secure a victory in group B1 and a spot in division A next season of the League of Nations.

Football Federation of Ukraine has called the success of the national team the historic.


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