“The biggest problem the presidential election will be the distortion of their results”

– I have carefully read the programs of the candidates. All write the same thing — “for all good against all bad”. But nobody writes how to achieve a good. Except for me, — says MP 65-year-old Arkady Kornatsky. He is running for President of Ukraine.

Meet at 8:00 in the office close to metro station Lev Tolstoy Square in Kiev. At reception nobody there. Workers come in an hour. Arkady Alekseevich invited into the office. It is small, equipped with three working places — the owner, his son Paul and daughter Mary.

The phone rings. Kornatsky’s sorry. Says 5 min.

— A woman from my area. She needs medication, which in Ukraine. Will order abroad. I hope soon to send.

The people in Ukraine one problem: how to survive and to survive power. Since then, I became a people’s Deputy for more than 90 percent of all appeals — “give money”. The people impoverished. It was, and is, the main “reform” for 27 years — robbing people.

What worries you the most in the electoral process in 2019?

— That there is no real expression. The plots can only come from that part of society, which you can buy or make. There will be few young entrepreneurs. When the vote is taking 30-40% of the vote — this vote will not represent the opinion of the whole society. Because the part came for the money, the second is for buckwheat. Third – out of hatred to any candidate, or Vice versa – because of the mad love. Fourth, under pressure from the administrative resource. It is a distorted expression. Therefore, the greatest problem of the presidential election will be the distortion of their results.

Your program is called “Power to the people”. She provides?

— The full name of my program is “All political “elite” — off! The power and wealth to the people”. The CEC was one and a half times the abridged version, there are limitations. The basis of my program is the simultaneous, complete and immediate removal of all the so-called elite from power and politics. Until we run it, can only dream about the new government policy. Need to oust from power of all mercenaries and the Russian and the Western, and our oligarchs. They are all servants of the enemies and the enemies of Ukraine. Without this, for the better, nothing will change.

As you can see this lustration?

— More recently, I considered and even recorded in the program, this can be done in two ways. The first is independence. But given recent events with the protests of the so-called nationalists, it became clear that the next Maidan will bring to power the same political “elite”. Because these “protesters” were mercenaries of corrupt officials. Nothing, except for a large blood, next Maidan would not.

Therefore, it remains only the second method provided for my program, revolution “from above”, the legal way, through presidential decrees. Them in a matter of days, you can stop all the evil prevailing in the country. And start to build a state for the people. I know how to do it and without any doubt, you can.

Petro Poroshenko called the five priority sectors of the economy: agricultural, IT, engineering, tourism and logistics. What would you change in this list?

— I would expand 100 times. Priority directions of development can not be. If there is a deviation in one direction, this means that the rest suffers.

Ukraine needs to develop in all areas.

The emphasis on priority sectors is the rhetoric of all the candidates. So show off “progressive,” and give a signal to certain categories of voters: “we think of you.”

There is a way to eradicate the top corruption?

— Other way than to get rid of the political “elite” does not exist. Various convoluted proposals that we hear from presidential candidates is nonsense. Like all the other miracles that they promise. None of these tales will not come true until the power in the hands of the oligarchy. While their sleuths in the person of leaders of parties, Ministers, heads of administrations run the country, no change for the better will not happen. Frankly, people have long wanted to get rid of corruption even by physical destruction of the political “elite”. Said jokers, an effective way is the Kalashnikov assault rifle.

You are a successful lawyer. Had a business, but began to engage in agriculture. What was the reason?

– I was never agrobusinessprom. Yes, I was born and raised in the village, and very happy about it. From childhood he worked on the farm. Served in the army, studied at the University in Moscow for six years, became a lawyer. Eight years worked as a lawyer in various state institutions in 1989, it was engaged in legal business in Moscow and the Moscow region. In 1998 fellow-villagers asked for help because I was desperate. I have not seen not only wages but also prospects. The whole farm worked only on the President and his godfathers from the district authorities. So carried out agrarian and land reform. As of the mid-1990s in agriculture have created ideal conditions for the enslavement and robbery of the peasants of the so-called party-economic nomenclature. She began to parasitize on the land and property shares of peasants with the prospect of unjust acquisition. I am proud that I broke those plans and created the only in Ukraine a precedent of honest relations with the peasants. I gave my parents the farmers money, and the family of Kornatsky bought at a bargain price all land and property shares of the villagers. Bought the farm. Of course, then invested heavily in machinery and other required for production. But from the beginning I told the villagers to manage the economy and work in it will you. So my relationship with the agrarian and rural sector — because of my origin. Also I invest in the recovery and development of Ukrainian village.

You wrote the Concept of rural policy. In any changing needs of the agricultural industry?

— The agricultural sector and rural policy — are two different things. Now the agricultural sector is actually the enemy of the village. She took from the peasants the land, but gave few jobs. And their number is decreasing every year. And soon all will be unmanned harvesters, tractors, sprayers. Where the farmer to go? The answer is to make in your yard. But in the conditions that the full extent would be a European. To and young people were not nasty and not ashamed to do peasant.

How to achieve this?

My Village’s policy provides for the granting to the peasants of farm buildings modular. I call them module-sheds. This is a small modern energy efficient buildings of 6.4 12.6 meters, 80 square meters. On each plot without problems find a place. There is a vestibule where you can undress. Sanitary inspection, to wash hands or take a shower, wear protective clothing. Then a small feed building, wall, room for animals. Module-barn there are different types, but primarily it will be pigsties and cowsheds. Pigs can simultaneously grow 45 goals, cows — six. Imagine a year in the module shed in excellent health conditions and no heavy physical labor a farmer grows 110 pigs — instead of two-three heavy labor and knee-deep in manure like before.

In Ukraine there are nearly four and a half million peasant households. When such a module, the cattle in one village would be at least a few dozen, put the module shop. There is processed products, give presentation and sent to the commercial network or its of the state purchases.

Then the farmer can earn as abroad. But there is working hard, and then human and not divorced from the family.

What are the benefits to the economy will be the implementation of such a system in the village?

— First of all — not just for the economy, in General. Now the village is destroyed, and the village will not be without Ukraine. The village will exist and the manufactured food — the Ukrainians will be a healthy nation. In the domestic food market, farmers will be able to oust the oligarchs. Therefore, the oligarchy — read the power of now and destroys peasant. Because the competitor is not needed. Oligarchic and the chicken there is disgusting – meat, as wool. Eggs from these chickens may soon catch up with the Chinese, who have made of plastic. It is necessary to enable the farmer to live — and he will give you a healthy life throughout the country.

It is a great investment. And there is lots of available funds. I’ll draw them in my program of Rural policy. A pilot project — Module-sty-sty — I’ve done at their own expense, he has already been successful in the estate of Boris and Olga Varetska in the village of Kumara Pervomaisky district in nikolayevshchina.

Sensitive issue — land.

Land use policies should be determined by the new land legislation because the current is distorted terribly corrupt. In particular, the law on circulation of agricultural land, which is not. I am the author of an alternative bill, he was registered in the Verkhovna Rada under No. 5535-1. Everything is subordinated to the interests of a farmer and the state. The main bill No. 5535 — wrote the land mafia. This robbery of the peasants, farmers, and the death of the village. What the law will be such and agricultural policy.

That will change the opening of a land market?

– It will change the country’s fate for good or in a tragic way. The earth should not become a commodity like a share. The land is the main means of production. This national wealth of Ukraine and the national property. Agricultural land can be privatized only by a peasant. In Ukrainian society there is a misconception that every citizen of Ukraine has the right to obtain ownership of agricultural land free of charge is not true. This put into law. Article 19 of the Land code of Ukraine establishes that each category of land has a special legal regime. This means that only a certain person has a right to land a certain category.

The resident is not a farmer, as a farmer. Therefore, has no right to privatize agricultural land. He lives in the city — it stands on the ground, working in the institution, drives the transport — also on the ground. So will exercise their right to land. In the end, has the right to free privatization of land in the city for residential development. Besides the far more expensive land than agricultural. Can also get free ownership of land for gardening or cottage. But if residents of the city will pull in agricultural production, and he wants to get land for farming, then he should become a farmer, moving to the country and obtain right to the land. If at that time will be in stock privatized by the local peasants land. And to sit in the city to buy agricultural land and then lease it to the landless peasants to rent, make him a mercenary — is unacceptable.

The earth was and must remain a peasant. Is the key to the preservation of the culture, folklore and ethnographic heritage of the nation. Underlying all is the land and the peasantry.

Small farms and individual farmers complain about the unfair distribution of subsidies on the industry. They get very little, and large holdings — billions. Donations do we need?

— In the world of agriculture, which receives no subsidies. Our collective and state farms was not the ideal form of labor organization, but it was a powerful agricultural producers. They existed in conditions of unprofitable system, so subsidized. The peasants never were subsidized, but until recently it was closed more than half of the domestic food market. We had prudent to reorganize the collective farms, not to destroy them, as did the so-called reformers. Barns, pigsties, stables, workshops, machine and tractor stations were destroyed during the Second world war by the Nazis, as in the 1990’s “elite”. And most of the damage to the village cause those who call themselves his protector. Once Lytvyn, Yulia Tymoshenko now. This reform first bastard destroyed the country, and now he says he will make “a new course”. Ukraine, only one new course is actually needed — the entire political “elite” to put behind bars.

How to fix the situation?

— It is necessary to change the worldview of virtually the entire Ukrainian society. It disoriented. It is the result of the strategy applied to Ukraine in the early 1990s.

The Western powers decided to implement their interests. Russia — their own. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in Moscow established the headquarters in Ukraine. In the West their headquarters. Everyone has their own interests. Only the interests of all Ukrainians on the side.

Ukrainian corrupt “elite” basically leads the country the Russian way. The same local government reform. In Russia, it was completed in 2003. There is no more local government authorities called “Soviets”. There are some of the municipal district. The European title, and covers the destruction of democracy and the usurpation of power.

Exactly the same model everything we do. Including under “Patriotic” cries that Russia is the aggressor. Shout “Russia is the enemy!” and do everything that is beneficial to Moscow. Lead Ukraine to collapse under the name of “federalization”. I want to emphasize that doing this together with power and so-called opposition. Especially the “Batkivshchyna”, she plays a leading role in the destruction of democracy in Ukraine because the Verkhovna Rada, which pushes the anti-constitutional “reform government”, headed by Sergey Vlasenko.

1 APR 2014 the Cabinet of Ministers approved the Concept of this anti-Ukrainian “reform.” More blood congeals on the Maidan, and they were ready! Because actually prepared them for a long time for orders from abroad. One of the main authors of this concept — Ivan Kirilenko, the right hand of Yulia Tymoshenko. Adopted and started to break the country.

And what is happening in the Donbass, is also part of the strategy to collapse of Ukraine. Just a bunch of “useful idiots”, believes that we are the reform.

How to return the Crimea and the Donbass?

As a lawyer, I am convinced that this can be done by international legal means. Five years lost. There are many international legal instruments, which could force Russia to return to our site. To affect the aggressor country through sanctions against specific individuals or companies will fail. Sanctions should be imposed against the aggressor.

We have virtually untapped international legal instruments. Convinced deliberately. Without irony, it’s treason at the elite level, primarily the Ministry of justice and Ministry of foreign Affairs. There is the Budapest Memorandum, signed by the guarantor countries, when Ukraine gave away nuclear weapon. There USA, UK, Russia. This is a legal document that says that in the event of a nuclear attack, signers should protect Ukraine. This does not mean that you have to be a nuclear bomb used. Nuclear power annexed part of the territory of Ukraine — this is a nuclear attack.

Recently, trump said the United States was attacked. Who do you think? Drug dealers, smugglers. Therefore, imposed a state of emergency. They sell drugs, and he said attack on the state. Well done! Equates acts of criminals to attack the aggressor country. If some American at the other end of the world stepped on a pet peeve is a threat to U.S. national security. Too right. And our “elite” it is necessary to first sea of the blood of the people spilled — then, perhaps, will scratch. And that if Brussels will allow. Bastards. And recruited agents — without a doubt.

So now must work to return the occupied territories in a legal plane?

— Of course. But we have stolen billions of budget funds for foreign legal assistance.

No matter what aspect of life in the Ukraine is not taken, it all comes down to the crimes of the political “elite”. To the usurpers of power, which more than a quarter century keep Ukraine in the noose. Until we can eliminate these thugs, nothing will change.

How did you earn your capital?

— I’m in public service, worked for eight years after University. Then all institutions were state-owned. Worked as a senior Advisor. Started from 140 rubles a month, has grown to 190. Understand that no career I can not be, because I in the lists of unreliable. In student years was a dissident.

At the end of 1998 with University friends started the business. I led the legal Affairs and General management. Earned money invested in land and investment complexes. At first it was 10-20 “acres”, then ha, then tens and hundreds of hectares of land for various purposes. From gas stations and shopping malls to modern factories, cottages, large cooperatives, etc.

Are you a professional lawyer with a successful career. What went into politics?

— Because it was not used and don’t want to tolerate injustice. Want to overcome the abomination that captured their paws on the Ukrainian government. This can be done in one way — to throw them out of politics and to come to power.

Want to create an arboretum in his village

Arkady Kornatsky was born in the village of Chausove Druhe in nikolayevshchina. He graduated from the faculty of Economics and law, peoples ‘ friendship University named after Patrice Lumumba in Moscow — specialist in international law and translator from Spanish.

In the Russian capital, studied law, then business. In Ukraine created a family business — “Kornatsky ‘ Agrofirm”, “Law firm of Kornatsky” and “Strojirna Kornatsky”.

In 2005 was released from Russian citizenship restored, and Ukrainian.

In 2007 was the Advisor to the head of the presidential Secretariat. In 2007-2008 he worked as the acting Deputy Chairman of the Nikolaev regional state administration concerning agro-industry. 2012 and 2013 he ran for the Verkhovna Rada in a majority district No. 132 in nikolayevshchina. Won the election, but the results were falsified in favor of “regionals”. In the elections of 2014 passed in the Parliament in the same 132-m the district as a member.

From his first marriage has a son and daughter-twins. From the second 17-year-old daughter.

Wants to create an arboretum in his village on the banks of the southern bug.


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