The biggest blunders of the Ukrainian politicians for 2018 in one video

2018 Ukrainians remembered not only by the statements and promises of politicians, and no less loud in their reservations and specific terms. Remember the most interesting “pearl” during the last year.
Brand blunders Klitschko

Traditionally, one of the leaders in the number and quality of mistakes is the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko. This year it is not advised Kiev residents to “prepare the ground”, but gave advice on how to do without hot water (just cold needs to be warmed up!) and boasted the presence of the boiler in your own home. Also, the Network has gained popularity of the movie about the discovery of new monuments in Kiev, which, according to Klitschko, should “threaten” the capital (actually – “decorate” it).

Vitali Klitschko joked about the hot water

Tymoshenko and “women’s stuff”

The number of unsuccessful statements in 2018 and the mayor of the capital competes and the head of the party “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko. Numerous presentations of her “New course” was not without mistakes. So, the politician told about the bizarre “it printers”, in which “the whole world is printing city” and sported “awareness” in the field of innovative technologies, supporting that thesis about things that are actually known to the world for decades. The appearance of the drone during one of her performances was genuinely surprised, and even forced to pause. Tymoshenko expressed the belief that this device is sent to the SBU, and said Hello to her staff.

In addition, Tymoshenko commented on the ambiguous gift, which she presented during the same presentation of the new programme and souvenir Mace. Julia called her “a very feminine thing” and suggested that “women’s hands are a lot of things in this life to hold”.

Yulia Tymoshenko commented on the ambiguous donated her Mace

Scandal Bar

MP from the party BPP Oleg Barna, a well known fact that gave a bouquet of roses counterpart Arseniy Yatsenyuk in the Verkhovna Rada, again caught in a scandal. It all started with the fact that the journalist on the sidelines of the Barna asked why the three knopkami during the voting. In response , the MP rudely berated the reporter: “At**d went running, pid*R,” and had inquired about the possibility that “homosexual”.

Oleg Barna cursed journalist

Prikhodko and “very smart” Tymoshenko

Not without “gems” from the newly minted politicians. So, the singer Anastasia Prikhodko only in late October announced its decision to join the team of Tymoshenko and already in a week “lit up” in the air the popular program. Here she was able to demonstrate a better understanding of the political situation and forced the audience to hope that it was her first and last interview in the role of policy.” Thus, the ex-singer could not answer not one question leading on a new programme of the party, of which she’s going to become. She also believes that Yulia Tymoshenko doesn’t have its own business and a luxurious life can afford, because “she’s very smart”.

In addition, Prikhodko said that “IMF loans of Yulia Tymoshenko was paid in 2012.” The leading question, who told her that, the singer answered without hesitation “I”.

Anastasia Prikhodko disgraced during the first interview in the role of policy

The “pearl” of Yanukovych from Russia

Also this year gave reason to think of yourself and the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, now hiding from the Ukrainian justice in Russia.

Viktor Yanukovych has mixed up the names of former colleagues

For the first year of silence, he held a big press conference for Russian media. Predictably, Yanukovych many justified and criticized the current Ukrainian government. At last it carried away so that in the end confused Poroshenko and Tymoshenko.

“Poroshenko did everything to get me not to allow the judicial process. Courts must be courts, but does not show artist Tymoshenko… artist Poroshenko,” – said the former President.

Watch the video about how “famous” Ukrainian politics in 2018:


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