The best Ukrainian premiere of 2018: must see

Ukrainian cinema in 2018 gave the audience of about 40 films that capture from the first minute. The tape presents the genre variety for any taste of the audience. Among these films – a large selection of historical books, adventure and family fantasy.

24 LifeStyle journalists summed up the results of the year and gathered for you the best Ukrainian filmsthat you must watch for everyone.

The highest-grossing film of Ukrainian film production in 2018 was the film “Crazy wedding”, which for 3 weeks in hire has collected 40 million. Cartoon “the Stolen Princess” took the second place, having collected 36 million. The painting was shown abroad in 50 countries. The third place was occupied by the popular Ukrainian Comedy “Swingers,” which in the beginning of the year has collected 22 million.

We bring you the most exciting films of 2018:


Film premiere: 1 Jan 2018
Director: Andrejs Ekis

In the center of the plot – a successful businessman Igor, who throughout his life tried everything and get bored next to the blonde Ilona. On the other end of town returned home tired pulmonologist Andrew, whose wife, Irina, a housewife, demands sex, which he had no strength. Businessman Igor and his wife doctor Irina comes to mind is to make my life a so-called “Swinger party”, during which there are new characters.

Swingers 2018: watch movie trailer online

A tale about money

Film premiere: 25 Jan 2018
Director: Ales Marganec-Isayenko

The plot of the movie – country boy Levko, who receives from his uncle inherited the mill. As a result of this unexpected enrichment, he wakes real hunger for money and he assigns the tavern of the Jew. After some time the lion takes all the money and losing control of their actions. He disappears compassion and empathy for others.

Tale of money 2018: watch movie trailer online

The stolen Princess

Film premiere: 7 March 2018
Director: Oleg Malamuzh

Ukrainian 3D animation cartoon based on the motives of Russian fairy tale of Alexander Pushkin “Ruslan and Lyudmila”. In the center of the plot – a wandering artist Ruslan rescues from the evil wizard Princess Lyudmila.

The stolen Princess 2018: watch movie trailer online

Legend Of The Carpathians

Film premiere: 14 Feb 2018
Director: Sergey Kobun

“Legend of the Carpathians is a historical Thriller which tells about the famous Oleksa Dovbush –a leader of the opryshky. The Carpathian legend tells of the life of Oleksy, who as a child lost his mother after she killed a local Lord. Growing up, Olexa returned to his native Carpathians, to avenge the death of a dear person.

Legend of the Carpathians 2018: watch movie trailer online


Movie premiere: July 26, 2018
Director: Volodymyr Tykhyy

In the center of the plot – Price grandmother who lives in the Chernobyl zone, eats hallucinogenic mushrooms and is friends with the mermaids. However, this life ends soon Price grandmother because she gets a supernatural signal about the disaster that will soon happen.

Brahma 2018: watch movie trailer online

Robot and the energy of the Universe

Film premiere: 30 Aug 2018
Director: Maksym Ksionda

The film “Robot and the energy of the Universe” is the first Ukrainian scientific-fantastic film. The plot revolves around 12 – year-old boy who must save the world. Its main mission is to do everything to the Ground unable to share two alien civilization.

Robot and the energy of the Universe 2018: watch movie trailer online

The secret diary of Simon Petlyura

Film premiere: 5 may 2018
Director: Oles Yanchuk

The film tells about the life and death of the chieftain troops Ukrainian people’s Republic Symon Petliura. Military leaders had to leave the country. For a time he lived in Poland, then moved to Austria, later in Switzerland. After the constant traveling he decided to settle in France, where he settled a considerable part of the Ukrainian emigration, but there he contemplated not found.

The secret diary of Simon Petlyura 2018: watch movie trailer online

The noble vagrants

Film premiere: 27 Sep 2018
Director: Aleksandr Berezan

The film “Noble hobo” shows the events in Lviv during the Second world war. The girl Christine life brings an unexpected surprise – a bracelet of Alexander the great. However, this artifact wanted to have Hitler and Stalin. Therefore, noble vagabonds have an important mission – to save the world and help the girl.

The noble vagrants 2018: watch movie trailer online

Crazy wedding

Film premiere: 4 Oct 2018
Director: Vlad Wild

In the center of the plot – the daughter of the Director of the regional Museum, which is returned from France. However, it returns itself, but with the black heart surgeon Francois. For the father it becomes a real surprise, and he is trying to stop the wedding.

Crazy wedding 2018: watch movie trailer online

Call “Banderas”

Film premiere: 11 Oct 2018
Director: Zaza Buadze

The events of the film take place in the Donbass in 2014. In the center of the story – the task of a group of scouts headed the call “Banderas”, which tries to prevent sabotage and to neutralize the Russian bomber Walker near the village of the protagonist. The basis for the script – the diary of a national guardsman Sergei bashkova with the call sign “Indian” and the stories of soldiers ATO.

Call “Banderas” 2018: watch movie trailer online


Film premiere: 18 Oct 2018
Director: Sergei Loznitsa

The plot of the film – a drama about life in the “DNR” and “LNR”. The film tells the viewer the thirteen stories are linked. The main idea of the movie to show what happened in Donetsk and Luhansk in 2014.

Donbass 2018: watch movie trailer online

DZIDZIO First time

Film premiere: 25 Oct 2018
Directors: Taras Dron, Mikhail Khoma

Zija suffered a large and global problem that it cannot solve neither with money nor with my mother or friends. It is waiting for an outstanding delicate matter, which he must perform for the first time and very carefully.

DZIDZIO First time 2018: watch movie trailer online

Black Kazak

Film premiere: 1 August 2018
Director: Vladislav Chabanyuk

The heroine of the film – the Cossack’s widow Anna draws attention to the fact that the night someone’s been helping her with the housework. One night, having peeped, she sees a Cossack in a black outfit. After some time, Anna him passionately falls in love and finds out the terrible history of the curse.

Black Cossack 2018: watch movie trailer online

Wild pitch

Film premiere: 9 November 2018
Director: Yaroslav Lodygin

The long awaited tape “Wild field” is loosely based on a famous novel by the Ukrainian writer Sergei Zhadan “vorochilovgrad”. Ukrainian film has been translated into 9 languages. In the center of the plot – the return of German in the city where he grew up. He decides to visit his brother, who is the owner of the gas station in the steppes of Donbass. However, brother Herman had disappeared, and in its business infringe other people.

Wild field 2018: watch movie trailer online

King Danilo

Film premiere: 22 Nov 2018
Director: Taras Khimich

“King Danilo” – historical Thriller which was based on the life of historical figures – Daniel Romanovich known as Galician. At the end of the thirteenth century: in 1238 Danylo of Halych and his brother Vasilko expand their holdings. They win the castle of the Teutonic order. Daniel the prisoner, the master convinces him to unite in the fight against Batu Khan.

King Danilo 2018: watch movie trailer online

December’s tale or the adventures of St. Nicholas

Film premiere: 13 Dec 2018
Director: Semen Gorov

In the center of the story – a family that moved from the city to a cozy cottage in the Carpathians. Were they in front of one of the most anticipated children’s events before the Day of St. Nicholas. Parents went to town for gifts to children, leaving Artem and Field at home alone. It was at this time the children came St. Nicholas who is the villain, nicknamed “the Boar”. Kids need some way to prevent the thief to do the dirty work.

December’s tale or the adventures of St. Nicholas 2018: watch movie trailer online

Sex and nothing personal

Film premiere: 20 Dec 2018
Director: Olga Resina

The plot of the movie “Sex and nothing personal” – the main character Sergei, whom the girl despises him as a man. After a quarrel with her because of a misunderstanding of an intimate nature, Sergey sent to a friend in Prague. Friend wasted no time beginning to acquaint Sergei with night lives, once the protagonist gets acquainted with a stripper Diana. She grabs his sex life, and he seems to be in love with her. Consequently, a jealous girl he arrives in Prague.

Sex and nothing personal 2018: watch movie trailer online

I, You, He, She

Film premiere: 27 Dec 2018
Director: Vladimir Zelensky, David Dodson

Couple Maxim and Jan have been married for 10 years. Their love turned into respect for each other, the relationship is in the Union, and passion in the duty. Therefore, not long thinking, the pair decides to leave…

I, You, He, She, 2018: watch movie trailer online


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