The best Ukrainian books of the 2018, it’s never too late to read

2018 year has been very fruitful for Ukrainian writers. 24 journalists of the channel have gathered for you the best books of the year, which is impossible to ignore.

“Lovers of justice” by Yuri Andrukhovych (book of the year BBC-2018) – another interesting novel of the Ukrainian writer, which skillfully mixed everything: paranormal, criminal, historical, and atmospheric Galicia. This is the history of criminals, murderers, who appeared before the courts of various empires: Austro-Hungarian, Polish, German, Soviet. Domestic and political murders, rape and robbery, corruption of minors and mysterious branch heads, ideological infidelity and betrayal for the sake of ideas, weakness and passions of convicts lovers of justice, inherent to the various devils of the soul and not always fair, but often a terrible punishment. All this is written in a delicious style that has made Andrukhovych classic of modern literature.

“Lovers of justice” by Yuri Andrukhovych

“Cerebro” Andrew Cooper (included in the list of the most anticipated books of the Forum of publishers-2018) – an unusual and original composition of the stories about those life accidents that happen every day. Moreover, as explained by the author himself, the collection is constructed so that it starts with completely realistic texts from his life, but the realism is that with each text fades away, while reality does not disappear completely. Together, these stories create a special, cozy world in which you want to return again and again.

“Cerebro” Andrew Cooper

“The Ombre. Over the darkness and the light” Laura Pidhirney (bestseller of the year by the network “the Letter”) – a book about mysteries, adventures, knights and Templars whose action takes place in Kamianets-Podilskyi. Archival auditor Edita accidentally finds a relic of the knights of the Temple, which all the city silent as if by informal agreement. This discovery leads her to the mysterious artifact that in his time the Templars brought on the tail. To solve the mystery, will have to compete with the secret services and secret societies that hunt for all these mysterious things.

“The Ombre. Over the darkness and the light” Laura Podgornoe

“Francesca” Doria of the bat (included in the list of the most anticipated books Book Arsenal 2018) – documentary history about the incredibly steep young’s a pure Sicilian, who works at NASA. She is responsible for the trajectory and orientation of satellites, for a summing up of the spacecraft on the approach orbit to the international space station. Sounds serious. But there is one “but” – Francesca is not just the lady of the trajectories. She is a master of getting into unusual situations and disaster. In conditions when space is very close, it creates a lot of funny and vivid stories every day.

“Francesca” Dora Batu

“Ainovy bear” Anastasia Volkhovskaya and Yana Fefelova (included in the list of the best books of the year by the project to support children’s reading “BaraBooka”) is a book-a calendar that will not only tell about the seasons, but also learn to dream and find joy in each day. Actually, it was written for children. But that’s exactly the case when children’s book is sometimes very useful for adults. Because sometimes it’s very cool to understand what your friend is extraordinary blueberry (or ainovy) bear, with whom you can be surprised each day. The main thing is to divide the tasks: in day Kapitoshka have to jump in puddles, enjoy the Day of examination of the sky through colored glass, and the Day of flying umbrellas. In short, this is a story about how to learn to make their days joyful.

“Ainovy bear” Anastasia Volkhovskaya and Yana Fefelova

Your opinion, CIO-CIO-San” Andriy Lyubka (included in the list of the best books of the 2018 version of the Ukrainian PEN club) is a psychological Thriller about the country that we live in, where money more important than human life, and the possession of the government frees criminals from any liability. And even when everything is clear, you can never be sure until the end. Drunken judge knocks down pedestrian to death a young woman and, of course, effortlessly avoiding punishment. The husband of the deceased more than just revenge, so it can’t be bought or intimidated. And the legendary Puccini and the look of Madame butterfly have to do this all directly related.

“Your opinion, CIO-CIO-San” lyubko

“Lazarus” Svetlana Taratarini (included in the list of the most popular books of the year by the network “the Letter”) – a vivid story about Kyiv beginning of the twentieth century, where freely coexist people and evil spirits – vampires, devils, werewolves, goblins, field workers and water. People run the Empire, evil awaits the return of its legendary king – Snake. Once the usual way and the result changes paints a story in the genre of detective-Ukrainian historical fantasy, which is very exciting.

“Lazarus” Svetlana Taratarini

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