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Among the worthy publications of this year suddenly appeared a bright newcomer and the acknowledged master of the genre, representative of magic realism and classic hard prose.

However, it is mysticism, esotericism, and psychedelia in the style of Hoffmann, and Maeterlinck – that’s what creates today’s stories called Gothic literature, and good old adventure novel and a detective story to be the most favorite reading matter

Yuri Andrukhovych. Cohens Ustic. – Meridian Czernowitz, 2018

Finally “live” a classic of modern literature pleased us with a new book called, or they themselves, or the publisher of the “paranormal” novel. Actually, it is, of course, not a novel, since the author has long moved on to essays, and “eight and a half” wonderful stories . They fold into a kind of romance – with time, memory, childhood and youth, of course, the Soviet maturity. Moreover, what unites them is even not the plot, but at least thematically, is a common feature inherent in all the characters in the stories. This is, firstly, a passion for crime, and secondly, secret love. In this case, as the name implies, “Roman”, they all depend on the goddess of justice.

Who do we see in this gallery of murderers and murderers that inhabit the unusual epic from the criminal world, come from the judicial acts and criminal Chronicles of the old city? The representatives of his colourful and varied, it’s the heroes of urban legends, and the warlocks and the rebels – fictional, real, living and the dead souls from the collection of secret passions. The robber samoilo Nemyrych, secret agent Bogdan Stashinsky, a medieval monk albert Viazemskii, terrorist Miroslav Sochi, businessman Mario Pongratz involved in the execution of the crypto-nationalists and even the phantom of the cinema the childhood of the author. “This novel was written, I had become a different person. I didn’t invent these stories: they found me, and I only supplemented their likely details. I wanted to create thick and rich at the same time absolutely fascinating text, which the reader is very hard to put down. Judging by the reaction of the first readers, it largely succeeded,” says the writer.

Ren Rozdobudko. Priletela Lastochka. – K.: Nora-Druk, 2018

The story in this novel about the mysterious event that took place in 1921, it extends into our present, as much in America, where in a nursing home dying patient, who calls himself a brother of Mykola Leontovych. That the author of the Christmas Shchedryk, known worldwide under the name Carol of the Bells. The psychological tension of the story reaches when the family of the protagonist, who has his own secret, comes the Explorer, talking about the circumstances of the death of Ukrainian composer. Which let in the house of the murderer, since he knew him. Instead, the mystery of this crime when “officially” under mysterious circumstances at the hands of “Petlyura” killer killed Leontovych, was kept in the Soviet archives for more than 80 years.

Who actually killed Ukrainian genius? The novel opens the curtain on this mysterious history, which was the Bolshevik trail. “Stun posmos, poterucha hands, initiating a conspiracy: – TSE well spravzhniy detective! Akbi, I VV Rosslyn, Smirnov bi C I pay attention to everything actually! Ale mom’s got the radio – more on those scho postrel proluna on Swan! That is… that is, the stench held in odni cmnet clu nich. Cat I the victim? That is, the stench was said? About the scho?!”

Volodymyr Lys. Old cholera. .: Family Leisure Club, 2018

Another folk epic from the acclaimed master is a symbolic fight of a person’s death, no matter what genre of clothing or dressed up the story and its characters. Now four of them as Musketeers, they have done in life, a lot of stuff I should write a novel. “Hoch I rdse that all the hour od the hour spiralise th Tabarka, posters, Polish th obzl, Bo DOS, Yak kolis moviw novel, sidw have skin in dup magnet scho pritham CH one to one I vsih h buying. Sche said yakos Omeljan: – Mo’, the docks OTO valandos time, the old hag th pobots zi sway scythe pdbedit”.

However, at the beginning of the narrative, by all the laws of genre have been sad, and it seems to have belated adventure, although “kakouli hour s to casnic, I to Wolverine, that’s got to come I sateliti Bily Svit sway cornou tnnu, and from Vaughn, vocalid, prishla”. Since Adam, what was the name of one of the heroes of the novel needed eve, although her name was in the village of Red Rouge. In fact, this exotic woodland Elegy – as a symbolic history of the whole country, a kind of book of people’s memory, which do not eradicate repression or famine.

Luckily, Most Of All. Purley I swin. .: Folio, 2018

His book, the author, who during the life of the persecuted Church and the Commission for morality, defined as a novel, a comic book. Dynamic plot, eye-popping adventure, and most importantly – the realities in which the action takes place – the future of Ukraine after a nuclear war – novel, written in 2009, could be called the first Ukrainian cyber-punk. In the Ukrainian capital, which was plunged into the age of the dinosaurs, rages the preacher-fraudster Abraham together with the main character, who meet in the distant future, a real revolution.

“Dinosauri chest went to crow, if you have Chervony RCC. Vorohov gave peredohnut an on chwilio. Dinozavri s fanaticism Isle on the death of abi dstate Garza I. Chorny, dwellers they have Bulo bagato Munch-chrome. Shaft nakachwa of the shaft. Gohkale s Prudy, harmati, and shells kick Rivno, ale mayzhe us not CL. Strelki stink Boule nkudic. Abraham Li clearly programov from other people, but not in posits. Ale VIN to know that this rain is for long scho tsogo not camp, I podumyval, Yak vykrutilis s for this reason situat”.

Sergiy Martynyuk. Captan Smutok. .: Fabula, 2018

“I can’t believe that the frontman of the band, the music which I can’t stand longer than two minutes, and the author of this prose, which is sometimes so hard for me to break away – one and the same person,” says in the Preface to this novel by Yuri Andrukhovych. Among the epigraphs is a line from Kerouac and Palahniuk, king, and Bukowski, Salinger and Bradbury. The author of the Preface calls it “the author of the iconostasis” and the “spiritual forerunners” of this prose, though really iconic names set the tone of the novel, anticipating in what the register will have done one or the other part.

But their content – this is purely the author’s style, which, however, sometimes you want to call “Ukrainian Pelevin”. After all, except for fun hacking and aphorisms, which ends each section (like “pipeline of the latest news in social media feeds – as a distraction from the reality of maneuver” and “one live to life on a snowboard, the others on skis”), the author has their own “life” filling all the above-mentioned “foreign” models of narrative. Where a bright star shines with the charisma of the man, the object of the narrator, who reminds the characters of the same Andrukhovych, namely, a Bohemian poet PI in a stretched t-shirt, “which was ideally suited to the early years of Jesus Christ, divine synchrony of the life pulse” on behalf of the Captain of Sadness, “the rider on a headless horse with short summer nights.” Myself an adventurous road novel is a dynamic, sincere and philosophical reading times for someone who, like the protagonist of the novel, not going “all sviy Vik, so I lisalisa in stag malosemeika, de pid Pilna OPCO mater, MINALI de moï ditinstvo, unst konala in AGON molidist'”.

Bohdan Kolomiichuk. Mozart iz Lemberg. – L.: Vydavnytstvo Staroho Leva, 2018

The action of this novel occurs in the first half of the XIX century in Vienna, Galicia and Bavaria. The main character – the youngest son of the brilliant composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Xaver. Despite the inherited talent, Franz has not reached the glory of the father, but his life was full of passion, intrigue and adventure. And destiny is closely connected with Lviv, Lemberg then.

“I think, scho Franz Xaver posits s heaven, finally after about Demba know in Lviv – says the author. – No doubt, this is one iz navigatsii Luv Jan. So, I take smellsthe nazvati Yogo Luv Janina. After naksa nazvati Yak lyudin, Yak lived in kulturni stolic Ukraine blsu castino svogo zhittya, 30 years? Lyudin, Yak sostre here my love. Let them newslive, ale sprain. Lyudin, Yak zasnovana in Lviv muzyczne TOVARISTVO St. Cecil. He definitely Luv Janine”.

When LR. Pjemn RCI Tecate. – K.: Staryi Japonskogo, 2018

Author postscripts to the classics “dark” literature chambers, Merritt, Makena and interpreter of the King in yellow chambers, and the Lunar child Crowley decided to try his own creative forces in the genre of “existential horror”, and it should be recognized, he succeeded. Despite the fact that the Preface to the collection of his stories warns the reader that it would be difficult to Wade through the maze of stories, a candle that is lit at the beginning in the mysterious basement, shines through all the “dark” story the author is a debutant.

Symbols and signs, hints and guesses will accompany us for all the action that takes place in all stories of the collection. Each of them has its own mystery, and mystery. Young couple on a journey into the heart of Darkness, the artist from the forensics lab, instead of objects, see the symbols, the game continues in China, the Island and Darkness. And all this framed by the infernal horror, metaphysical fear, and many acute emotions that arise when reading this collection. But its main value – in addition to admirable which he makes true connoisseurs of the genre – is the purity of the experiment, planting the shoots of the world “horror literature” in the Ukrainian soil.

Olga Derkachova. Dim Terezi. – Brusturiv: Discursus, 2018

This urban novel is not a story of amélie from the movie, positivity is initially no, because the dead loved one, and his whole life now is a gradual replacement of the bitter memory. However, the lyrical mood, unusual images, vivid metaphors in the novel remind you all the same “French” style of Francoise Sagan. On the other hand, the exoticism of the new (after the tragedy) specialty heroine of on-screen phantasmagoria in the style of Federico Fellini – it works “Animalize” visiting lonely people – boys, girls, men and women: psychological help (even sometimes in bed, but no sex) today, as you know, many people need.

That’s just her shape chosen character (scholar in the past) quite unusual, although it’s intriguing, calling to read the novel to the end (learning about the House, which was motivated by this idea), again drew the “French” experience. After all, the Paris office works of the famous philosopher, which, for a fee, you can talk on any topic of interest to the client – the same as the heroine of the novel: “about books, flmi, music, troch about sport and cars. Ale is not Pro politiku. Is Velika trivogu, takozh]. Mi’m not hocemo trevozhitsya before bed, right?”

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