The best Ukrainian albums by 2018, which is to hear each

Ukrainian music becomes more every day, and in 2018, our musicians presented music fans with dozens of new albums. During the year we listened to them all, noted the best and now sharing with you the ten albums that are important to Ukrainian contemporary music.

From the LP from cute guys with Latexfauna and album Kazka, which is ready to break all records for views on YouTube until the first few years of the album from “tram driver”, and Lviv projects. Turn on louder and enjoy!

Vagonooborota – Reference

Group “Vagonooborota” in the late fall to present the first major release in two years – album “Reference”. In total, the album contains 10 tracks, including two first in the history of the song in Ukrainian: “Brief” and “Viewfrom”.

This album we were preparing two years. In this interwoven experiences and sensations of all the “tram driver”, each of us wrote for the record your track. Perhaps this is why the album is more conceptual and holistic. If “Wasserwaage” was kind of an adrenaline burst, “Reference” – our observation of society, a kind of slice of time
– comment on release musicians.

And if easier is the “Reference” is ten stories about us, about weakness, Frank phobia, the dependence on gadgets and social networks. Electronic sound intensified, and the lyrics got socio-political. “Vagonooborota” occupy a special niche in Ukrainian music, where they are difficult to find competitors or even co-workers. But it didn’t exactly stop to create one of the most iconic albums of this year.

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Vagonooborota – Human weakness (listen online)


MOZAЇКА is a story about a series of spectacular accidents, circumstances and characters. According to the official web site of the project ONUKA, each of the ten songs from the new disc represents a musical chip, but combined together, all of the compositions form a single symbolically conceived story.

Some songs (“HTO”,” STRUM”) tell about personal experiences of Nata and memories. Spring-fresh dance single HTO dedicated to your loved one. Reassuring STRUM (with orchestra NAONI) — grandmother, another important person in my life Nata. The album also again raises the theme of Chernobyl. But if the song “1986” from the mini-album VIDLIK was poignant and tragic, tool room ARKA sounds softer.

This album is a perfect example of what musicians have been able to expand the scale of the sound, but keep the attention to detail. That’s why the album took NEON orchestra, children’s choir “Seed” and the track VSESVIT had a hand in the legendary Eric Mouquet (Deep Forest). No interesting sounds, too, was not in the album you can hear trigram (Indonesian musical instrument), piano from Odessa Opera house and the sounds of ice that breaks.

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ONUKA – VSESVIT (listen online)

Latexfauna – AJAHUASKA

This year the group Latexfauna released their first LP “AJAHUASKA”. The album contains 11 songs of which were previously submitted, and two more bonus tracks. It is therefore safe to say that this album solid hits. Immediately after its release the band started to work on a new album and a few songs have even managed to imagine. Therefore, 2019 is another interesting album!

And what about the “AJAHUASKA” is an indie sound that perfectly blends with a sophisticated and delicious mixture. Many questions were raised about the song called “AJAHUASKA”, in whose honor and was subsequently named album. After all, the word is consonant with the “Alaska” is a drink that has a psychoactive effect, is made by the indigenous inhabitants of the upper Amazon. But the frontman has another explanation.

This is a fictional story about a non-existent tribe that wants to stay wild and never get in the way of industrialization, so as not to lose their connection with wildlife and domestic animals. And it so happened that all the subsequent tracks somehow raise the topic of freedom or harmony, says frontment group Dmitry Zezyulin.

The song “SLON”, “SURFER” and “AUSTRALIA” will take you on the ocean and you can literally feel the air filled with freshness and freedom. The top of the album was already known to connoisseurs of the group’s single, “ALOE” – a soothing track about old age and loneliness is not the final by accident. It is the image of aloe has adorned the album cover as a symbol of the plant Ayahuasca in the Ukrainian everyday life.

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LATEXFAUNA – AJAHUASKA (listen the album in full)

Mannerheim line De your thoroughly?

The participants of the musical project “Mannerheim Line”, which is composed of Serhiy Zhadan, Oleh Kadanov (Band Che) and Eugene Turchinov (Dogs in space) to 2018 recorded and presented their debut mini-album “De your thoroughly?”. The poor performance of the three serious Kharkiv men to go and could not 🙂

5 tracks album three is poems by Zhadan in melodic arrangements. In particular, this included the long-awaited “South-West” and the soulful “She’s 15”. Compositions differ substantially from the creative collaboration “Dogs” and Zhadan. The music became more measured, sometimes interesting. Here already may not work pogonat, but to enjoy the symbiosis of poetry and music – easily.

“De your thoroughly?” is a poignant, lyrical, sometimes bitter album. Poetry and music is so complement each other that break away from listening difficult. And to be honest, Sergei, you really is better to tell stories and recite poetry in a minor key acoustic day than to sing punk. Waiting for new works with impatience!

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Mannerheim line De your thoroughly? (listen online)

Kazka – Karma

Story trio Kazka is developing very rapidly. The first song was released in March of 2017, and “Holy” immediately became a hit! At Kazka not too usual cast – official web site Alexander zarycka, producer Nikita Buds and “dujovic” Dmitry MAZURAK. He often accompanies on the flute, but in his Arsenal not only the tools. There’s the DUDUK, Chinese flute, Arabic zurna and much more.

The first album consists of ten songs, three already known – “Holy”, “Diva”, “She”, a rehash of the song “Silence” of the group Skryabin and Iryna Bilyk and six new compositions.

“Karma” is definitely Ukrainian pop album of the year, and each song from it a real hit. KAZKA combines sophistication and simplicity that certainly engages the listener. The skillful combination of folk and electronics makes the band a truly unique project. So this album is brilliant to add to the list the best this year, because among the Ukrainian pop-scene such worthy players not yet exist.

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KAZKA – KARMA (listen online)

The Hardkiss – Salsa lastly

Ukrainian band the Hardkiss pleased with the release of the third Studio album “Salsa lastivka”, which without exaggeration can be called one of the best that the group created before. The album includes 17 tracks, as well as four of the original message from Yulia Sanina.

The singer has compared the new album cocoon, which has its own special atmosphere. The tracklist is almost perfectly divided into two parts. The first Ukrainian-language songs that sound like the romantic sadness of the girl. The second part is English, made in the style of a Scandinavian epic heavy music. Some songs are simply created in order to become the audio track to dynamic movies.

In General, however, the musicians managed to combine industrial, trip-hop, post-punk and even electronic music. Experiment musicians managed 100%.

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THE HARDKISS – Does It Feel (listen online)

Jamal – Creel

The fall premiere of pleased yet, and Jamal. The singer presented a new Studio album, “Wing”, which included seven Ukrainian-language and three English-language songs. This is her first album after Eurovision in 2016, after the competition, the singer wrote and created. Besides, part of the album was created at a time when Jamal was pregnant – it has influenced not only the content of the album, but also on the sound.

In the album you can hear several musical styles, from minimalist electronic music to deep soul. And there is no surprises traditionally sung at the highest level.

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Jamala – Creel (listen online)

MOONZOO – Sad_dance

Next really famous and eminent muzikanten we would like to note the Lviv group MOONZOO. This year they presented their debut album “Sad dance” that it would be wrong to ignore. Not always need to be incredibly popular in order to create really cool music?

Sad dance is not just a sad dance, a kind of polyphony of emotions and sensations that arise when listening to music. Be sad when you’re having fun, to be fun from what you sad – this music is about,
– so say the musicians on your album.

Release incredibly easy to listen to, you can literally in one breath, and when you listen to, the waves of melancholy and nostalgia seem ready to raise a storm.

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MOONZOO – Alive (listen online)

Vivienne Mort – Dowd

The creativity of Vivienne Mort is not new or unique. We know for a long time, to the same group often referred to as “a classic instance of indie-folk”. Over the years, to surprise the listener would be more difficult, but not in the case of Vivienne Mort.

The new album managed to tell the fascinating story of its development and ideology through music. “Dowd” is sort of an Explorer of the world of nostalgia, sweet, comfortable, unipolar melancholy, childhood and universities in the real world, adult. The lyrics have become deeper, more interesting, they want to parse into words and to savor. For example, skillfully played with the quote about the four suns from “the Word about Igor’s regiment”, which are the precursors of disaster.

And “Dowd” is a journey in which there is a plot, its timing and unique style. Between the epigraph (“Screen”) and interlude (“Vchora”) the path length of the 9 songs, with everything from a joyful reunion with hanging by a thread of fate.

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Vivienne Mort – Dowd (listen to the entire album)

Vanek Foundation – Rookodiller

The founder of the label and an experienced sound producer Ivan Klimenko started his own musical project – Vanek Foundation. Klimenko is known to all Ukraine as a big lover of funk, soul and jazz, which knows how properly to write, make and produce. And his debut EP, he once again proved it.

Recording worked for 18 musicians and invited five votes each label Jamal, jazz vocalist Maryana Golovko (SUOK), soul singer LAUD, the rapper The Very Jerry, and a new ward label Anyanya Grace.

EP “Rookodiller” is the atmosphere. The musicians in detail recreated the atmosphere of the Golden era of funk, soul and jazz. Here, you and acid jazz of the 1990s, the type of US’3 or Saskia on quality soul, funk in the spirit of Jamiroquai and Prince and a lot of everything.

All sound Hedonists dedicated!


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Vanek Foundation – Nevermind ft. Jamala (listen online)


We wish you in the new year for more cool and high-quality releases! And their favorite albums from the Ukrainian musicians share in the comments.

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