The best publishers of games in 2018 – rating Metacritic

The website Metacritic has published an annual ranking game publishers. The resource has determined the best and worst game companies that presented their titles in 2018.

Publishers were divided into two groups based on the number of released games in the past calendar year. The first group consists of companies with 12 or more releases that were evaluated. The second group publisher average, released five to eleven projects in 2018. The same companies that published only four games or less, not taken into account, according to the official website Metacritic.

The largest publishing house in 2018, has become Capcom. In 2017, the 40-year-old Japanese company occupied only the fifth place. Five of the six products Capcom has received positive reviews. The success rate is 83.3 per cent.

Capcom was the best publisher of games in 2018

The most highly valued product of Capcom in 2018 has become a role-playing game Monster Hunter: World for Xbox One (90 out of 100 points), which is now the most sold game in the history of the company. The worst project X Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 for Nintendo Switch (60 out of 100 points). Okami HD for the Nintendo Switch is the favorite game users (8.7 points).

It is worth considering that many projects Capcom was a remaster and / or compilations of previously released games.

In second place is SEGA. In 2017, she closed the top three.

Highly appreciated by critics and users game company became Sonic Mania Plus for Nintendo Switch (91 points out of 100 and user rating of 8.9). Best new intellectual property – Two Point Hospital (83 points from 100).

Publisher SEGA has taken the second place among the top publishers

The worst release was the Refrain Shining Resonance for PlayStation 4 (67 out of 100 points). Please note that the rating includes the games published by Atlus.

Electronic Arts closes the top three publishers 2018. Last year, the company has not included in the first group, in 2018, the publisher has released much more games. The average is 78.4 points under EA Sports and 76.8 points in the framework of other projects. Bad releases was not. In addition, Electronic Arts was also one of the few big gaming companies that have released several new products of intellectual property in 2018 (under the label of EA Originals).

Electronic Arts took third place among the top publishers 2018

Praised the game FIFA 19 for PlayStation 4 (83 points from 100). Favorite game users and best new intellectual property has become A Way Out for the Xbox One (79 out of 100 points). Worst Fe for Xbox One (70 points out of 100).

A rating of the best publishers of games in 2018

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