The bell of Memory rang 18 times – vspomnili of the deceased defenders of Ukraine

14 Oct 2018 on the territory of the Ministry of defence opened the Hall of remembrance, which honors the dead. On the street installed a big Bell of memory. Mounted on metal shot through the stele. Both sides stand watch with a weapon / photo: defense Ministry

22 January on the premises of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine held a morning ceremony honoring the soldiers who died on this day in different years and as a result of Russian military aggression in Eastern Ukraine.

On the daily morning ceremony was attended by relatives of the victims, the leadership of the defense Ministry and the General staff, the officers and employees of the structural subdivisions of the Ministry of defence and the General staff of armed forces of Ukraine, soldiers of the Kiev garrison, Ministry of defence.

“The bell of Memory rang eighteen times …”, – stated in the message.

On this day, as a result of Russian military aggression stopped beating heart the brave defenders of Ukraine.

On this day in 2015 died:

Colonel PETRENKO Vasily

Lieutenant KOLESNIK Andrey

Lieutenant ILYIN Andrey

Sergeant CHUMACHENKO Alexander

Sergeant SHCHERBINA Artem G.

Sergeant EVSEEV Nikolay Vladimirovich

Sergeant SARKUNAN albert G.

Sergeant SEH Roman Nikolaevich

Senior soldiers GARBUZ, Aleksandr Valentinovich

Senior soldiers COACHMAN Nikolai

Senior soldiers STARODUB Andrey Viktorovich

Senior soldiers CHEREDNIK Maxim

Soldiers , KALINENKO Oleg S.

Soldiers , PAULIC Evgeniy Gennadievich

Soldiers POPOVIC Denis G.

Soldiers SLISARENKO Sergey Stanislavovich

Soldiers Chernikov Alexander

In 2018, stopped beating the heart of a soldier SERGIENKO Sergey Alekseevich.

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On January 21 at 7 airports and 2 shopping centers of Ukraine honored the memory of the defenders of the Donetsk airport.

The event was attended by military bands of the armed forces.


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