The Belarusian authorities are ready to sell “Gomselmash”, “Horizon” and “BATE”

Deals with the sale of shares of major state-owned enterprises.

The state property Committee (GKI) of Belarus has released the list of JSC, the state share in which it is planned to privatize in 2019, reports “Interfax”.

Thus, it is proposed for sale of 49.9% of the shares of the largest Belarusian manufacturer of combine harvesters and other agricultural machines of JSC “Gomselmash”. Provided that the ownership of the government will remain 50% plus 1 share. Shares of “Gomselmash” are sold to a strategic investor with a condition to invest at least $500 million, the Investor should be a company that occupies a leading place in the world rating of manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

Provided the best deals from the investor’s possible to decide on selling stake to 75% minus 1 share, the statement said GKI.

The list of privatization for the year 2019 are 23 OJSC. Stock 15 JSC offered for sale by competition, 8 societies are to be sold at auction in the trading system of OJSC “Belarusian currency and stock exchange”.

In particular, the Belarusian authorities are ready to sell 99.9% of shares of OJSC “Managing company holding “Horizon” and 49,9% of shares of JSC “BATE” – managing company of automotive Components holding (retaining in state ownership 50% plus 1 share).

The conditions of privatization “BATE” include additional investments of $80 million With the consent of the investor it is possible sale of additional shares with the preservation of state-owned package of 50% plus 1 share. The conditions of privatization “Horizon” include making investments in the amount of $30 million.

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