The beginning of the year from the occupiers: there are photos littered with debris Kerch

In the occupied Kerch beginning of the year said “garbage collapse” containers and surrounding areas littered with mountains of garbage in all parts of the city. On some Central streets of debris began to drop directly into pedestrian zones.

This publication reports the Crimea. Realities.

The Russian government has not commented on the situation with the garbage in the occupied city.

The publication notes that in the Central market of Kerch mountains of garbage are near the trading stalls, where they sell vegetables and fruits. In addition, trash littered the area near the hull, where they sell dairy products.

The trash is not taken out even from the area food market/Source:

The containers in all parts of the city crowded/Source:

So, one of the largest municipal enterprises “Arshintsevo” – it was treated almost a third of the city. Its employees owed 2 million 710 thousand rubles, nearly 1 million hryvnias.

The containers in all parts of the city crowded/Source:

By the way, at the extraordinary session of the so-called “Council” Kerch in December 2018, the invaders decided to pay salaries to the employees of KP “Arshintsevo” from the city budget. Previously the state Duma Committee on ecology predicted “garbage collapse” in some regions of Russia and in annexed Crimea.

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