The balance of payments in 2018 reduced surplus of $2.9 billion

The balance of payments in 2018 reduced surplus of $2.9 billion
11:31 Today the Telegraph NBU Photo: Business news: In 2018, the surplus of Ukraine’s balance of payments increased in comparison with the previous year by 12.1% – to $2.88 billion.

External balance of goods and services of Ukraine for the 2018 deficit at the level of 11,4 92 billion., which is 32.9% higher than the deficit for 2017 (8,644 billion USD).

As reported on the website of the National Bank of Ukraine, the deficit of foreign trade in goods for the year increased by 34.1% to 12,954 billion., the surplus of external trade in services – by 43.5%, to 1,462 billion.

According to the State statistics service, the foreign trade balance of Ukraine for 2017 deficit of 2,625 billion. against 541,6 million dollars. surplus for the previous year.

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We will remind, the state debt of Ukraine in December 2018 increased by 4.77%, or $3.56 billion, to $78,32 billion.

According to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the money that has been allocated by the international monetary Fund, was aimed at strengthening the foreign exchange reserves of the state.

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