The award of Couch to present at the National Opera

This year the event is dedicated to the topic of military chaplaincy Photo: Luvshy portal

In the Metropolitan National Opera of Ukraine named. Taras Shevchenko 27 March at 19:00 will take place the solemn awards ceremony of the blessed Martyr Emilian Kovch for humanitarian contribution. This year the event is dedicated to the topic of military chaplaincy.

The event is organized by the Committee of blessed memory Couch that operates under the patronage of the head of the UGCC. Awarded four Ukrainian military chaplains, representatives of churches and religious communities.

In the framework of the awards ceremony will take place the premiere of the art project “the lamb of God” from the singers of the Telnyuk sisters.

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“We are responsible for the time in which we live. What do we leave behind? say Lesya and Halyna Telnyuk. Great responsibility rests on each and every artist who touches the heritage, especially if it is a heritage of the spirit.”

As part of an art project Telnyuk Sisters “lamb of God” will include works to the words of Bohdan-Ihor Antonych, Taras Shevchenko, Galina Telnyuk, Paul Celan, Pope John Paul II.

The priest Omelian Kovch was born 1884 in the village of Kosmach in Ivano-Frankivsk. Served as a chaplain in the Ukrainian Galician army in 1919-1920. During the Nazi occupation saved Jews from executions. For this he was sent to the Majdanek concentration camp in Poland. There he died in 1944.


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