The authorities classified Finance Belarusian enterprises

To companies related to the oil and gas, and added other industries.

In the beginning of 2018 shared missing data on companies that extract oil and gas. Now a victim of administrative resources has fallen another important industry, the website Banki24.

In the first quarter of last year the authorities without explanation removed from the General statistics information on the financial status of enterprises that produce oil and gas. And it was done in a devious manner. The data of the two industries of mining merged into one number.

The mining industry in the country is represented by enterprises for the extraction of peat, which contribute a small share of the total pot, as well as giants such as Belorusneft and Granite. It is obvious that the intended target of the authorities was to impede the isolation of data about such asset in Belorusneft.

To the case with the oil workers of Belorusneft large-scale curtailment of available data occurred in 2016. Then state agencies have moved to a new classifier of types of economic activity. In parallel, the authorities merged into a single entity statistics Finance woodworking and pulp and paper industry. Until 2016 info about woodworking and about the “wallets” were separate.

In addition, in 2016, officials have combined data on textile on leather industry, industry of rubber and plastic products and cement and Stekolnikov. In General, they strongly impeded the analysis of the statistics by sector.

Interestingly, close the data completely affect the industry, which have undergone extensive modernization. After the Christmas holidays it was the turn of refining. The main enterprises of the industry — Naftan and Mozyr oil refinery. Smaller refiners — companies, whose activities in the summer of 2018 caused the conflict of Belarus and Russia. It is unclear what was the real reason for the removal of the row on the results of refining. Whether the authorities don’t like that Naftan is among the most unprofitable enterprises in Belarus, whether there is a desire not to Shine activity of the “small things”, which the Russians were accused of re-export schemes.

However, the fact remains — the data is gone from access and now there are only officials. Assessment for 11 months of 2018, the profitability of Belarusian oil refining amounted to almost zero — 0,045%. You can take bets, which sector of government hide from public view the next. In this sense, a good candidate for producing chemical products. The indicators defined by the pair of enterprises — Belaruskali, Grodno Azot. At Belaruskali’s even a precedent: from tables of the national statistics Committee a few years ago, completely removed data on directions and volumes of export of potash fertilizers to various countries. However, this was done fairly crudely: if elanii detailed statistics, you can restore from alternative sources.

Another example is the disappearance of information about the export by Belarus of tobacco products. Lately from the news of neighbouring countries often arrives the identification of the channels of smuggling Belarusian cigarettes that are cheap in Europe and the CIS. Grodno tobacco factory “Neman” works with very high profitability.

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