The attack in a Las Vegas setting?

The attack in Las Vegas – this bloody spectacle?The United States goes to war clans World Government. Defeated in the election, the globalists are trying to depose Donald trump. In
the course are all means, from the banal compromising evidence, to mass executions of people…


Las Vegas: Who and why shot at the white voter of trump?

Author – Yuri Baranchik

A week passed after one of the greatest mass murders in US history (the most mass — September 11, 2001). Let me remind you that (according to the official version) 1 October in Las Vegas during an evening concert at the country music festival were fired by the audience. The fire killed 59 people and wounded more than 500. According to local police, the shooter was a 64-year-old local resident Stephen Paddock, not previously come into the view of militiamen.

A large number of dead and wounded due to the fact that the fire was banned for sale in the US with automatic weapons, and the dense crowd of spectators was for the shooter is very well seen — before attack Paddock rented a comfortable room on the 32nd floor of the nearby Mandalay Bay hotel . Special forces the shooter was able to get only 72 minutes after the shooting started, however, he managed to commit suicide. What was the cause of action of a millionaire and why he committed suicide while under investigation.


Near the hotel at Mandalay Bay. Hotel-Luxor casino – black pyramid


During this time we outlined three main versions of what happened.

The first version is the official version of the us authorities that the killing was yet unknown reasons, committed suicide alone, apparently deranged mind of the pensioner and the millionaire Stephen Paddock. In his rented room was found 23 guns, as well as two platforms from which to shoot, the building — 19. Paddock also had a camera to see arriving police officers. All the weapons allegedly purchased legally.

However, it is well known (and heard on numerous recordings of the tragedy) that the fire shot was fired from banned for sale in the US with automatic weapons, so already there in the official version there are problems. In addition, as the relatives of “terrorists”, he never showed interest in weapons and didn’t have it. The main problem of the official version is unclear the motives of the shooter. Paddock — had the state more than $ 5 million, was the owner of a nice house (worth about 400 thousand dollars), had a young mistress, led a luxurious for any pensioner lifestyle played regularly at the casino, traveling in the sea.

So what could make a successful go of a pensioner at this action — it is not clear, except in one circumstance: Stephen’s father — Benjamin Hoskins Paddock was a Bank robber and one of the ten FBI’s most wanted criminals. Benjamin was diagnosed as a psychopath after his arrest in the late 1960-ies. Most likely, the official version will it be based on the version innate psychopathology Stephen Paddock, manifested under the influence of any circumstances at this age.

In addition, according to many experts, the main blow to the official version, directed against the highly influential National rifle Association (NSA) of the United States, the majority of whose members is a trump voters, to abolish the free sale of weapons. As shown by the latest information, allegedly a member of the NSA were and Paddock.

I must admit that after the incidents of NSA, who previously played against any restrictive measures on the free flow of weapons, agreed to introduce additional rules for gun ownership. We are talking about restricting the sale of accessories for rifles that allow for automatic shooting. Meanwhile, after the incident in Las Vegas the attack, arms sales in the U.S. sharply rose — shares of companies-manufacturers jumped on the stock exchange for seven percent. On the streets there were queues in gun shops.


Diagram of firing from the hotel at Mandalay Bay


Regarding the reaction of the American public on the official version of the attack says the following rating:

“the contempt for the media, who saw the choir in an apparent terrorist attack trick crazy, has reached such a level that the air force yesterday openly said that such an attack could not plan and carry out one man, and the President, trump has demanded investigation of the media, against the backdrop of such acts suspiciously in unison began to spread the lie that the Secretary of state Tillerson was named President of trump jerk, with the sole purpose to break them up”.

The reasons that ordinary Americans do not trust the official media and that the US administration is trying to squeeze information from his market Russian TV channels, in this context, I think, are reasonably clear.

The second version occurred a week ago tragedy — conspiracy. Its essence lies in the fact that this was a “terrorist attack” too much of quirks and logical inconsistencies. The first of them is the appearance in the crowd of a concert of country music some kind of mad woman, which for a full 45 minutes before shooting his way through the crowd to the stage and began to yell out that everything is going to die soon.

Next, highly questionable is the ability of 64-pensioner, with no real combat training, and even regular experience of shooting at a shooting range, so the efficiency of fire — released on the crowd of 1200 bullets about 50% of them (59 dead and 523 wounded) hit the target. According to modern concepts it is believed that the efficiency of firing is determined by firing the task, e.g. when firing to kill a single human target kill probability should be at least 80-90%, in the conduct of fire suppression (case of Paddock) is about 50% and harassing fire is about 20%. In the case of group purpose, preference is given to mathematical originalprice served the purposes which the fire is 50-60%, fire suppression — 20-30%, and the harassing fire of 5-10%.

Thus, a millionaire retired not looking executed the standard of the special forces. Moreover. Originally referred 3-4 of the available trunks. Then we are talking already about 8-9, and in recent days has become aware of as much as 23 units of small arms. Why so many? The fact is that if a shooter had only 2-3 a piece, he could not implement so long of them firing bursts, as the guns began to melt.

Next. As the shooter was able to sneak in the room more than 150 kilograms of weapons past security, past the numerous sensors of the metal in the hotel? In addition, each room in the hotels of Las Vegas are equipped with cameras — why riot took so long to get to the shooter and how he got on, missed on three floors and was looking for him at 29 and not 32 floor? It is also unclear why the system did not work fire safety — the level of the powder gases in the hotel room was fast enough to make it work.

Next. In the video (6-7 min) you can see another firing point, from which there is shooting from automatic weapons, it is only at the level 6-10 floor.

In addition, experts say

“Shots were fired in the dark. For shooting I need a good lighting from the back to the front sight to be seen, either specific targeting system, unless the fire was conducted from a dark room. In the first case, the arrow is seen on the background of glowing Windows, and he’s either suicidal, or sucker, in the second only one conclusion — a carefully prepared long before”.

According to some experts, the position of the arrow on the 32 floor was very professional — it could be suppressed only with the help of helicopters: “in preparation of a platform for his madness he was able to choose the position with a perfect field of fire, which involves not only tactical education, but also a great experience. And this fact is recognized even by leading ballistics experts and the U.S. army, and the article about it appears in a paper like “the Los Angeles times.”

In favor of the fact that this case is too far from the official version, says the following fact, which was opened by the public in recent days: the Paddock a few years ago collaborated with one of the American secret services — “Service for the protection of witnesses“, sold her one of their aircraft. Retired, it turns out, is not as simple as it seems at first glance.



In General, the motive of the conspiracy theories is clear enough — the job was done by specialists from the deep state (Global Government. approx. Rouen) substituting unsuspecting millionaire. The incident is a blow to while the dominant white population of America, and white voters trump. Member of the NSA, most likely, vote for trump, fired on the white citizens, who make up 95% of the audience of the concert of country music. Terrible by trump, his terrible white with normal sexual orientation are the voters who go for that. Weapons should be banned, NSA — to disperse, to Trump, to impeach, white — to make scapegoats for all the sins of Western civilization.

As noted expert on American elite Alexander Brodsky, the execution of Scalise and shooting crowds of fans at trump Las Vegas

“most of the supporters of trump’s considered a terrorist attack, and terrorist attack directed not against trump and his closest aides, as is the case with Scalise, and against the voters trump, that is, from their point of view against the American people. Four days ago in Las Vegas, this war turned into a hot stage and supporters of the trump one and all felt themselves in the crosshairs. And no wonder — it’s a no brainer that megadirect in Las Vegas was not directed at trump, and trump voters and the emergence of American politics, the term “enemy of the people” is now not if, but when? And the US army published its expert opinion as quickly, clearly said that in the upcoming battles she will be on the side of the people, not the deep state”.

Incidentally, the name Paddock has a symbolic meaning for the tragedy:

“The paddock has two primary meanings in different parts of the English-speaking world. In Canada and the United States of America, the paddock is a small enclosure used to keep horses. In the United Kingdom the term has a similar meaning but also refers to the region for General competitions in motor racing, particularly Formula 1”.

The concert area was fenced for the audience, so it was hard to get out of the sweep of the perimeter.

The third version — the attack show. In the most complete form, this version is presented here. It is that in fact, no attack was not, that is, like the massacre at the school sandy hook in 2013, no more than a setting for the solution of purely internal American problems. This version undoubtedly raises a number of valid questions.

However, it is alarming that a number of testimonies given in this version was immediately removed from YouTube under the pretext of incitement of ethnic hatred, propaganda of violence and so on, although the videos of the official version of lay calmly on YouTube and replicated. Come down to the fact that YouTube has changed the search algorithm because of the commercials, calling the shooting in Las Vegas production.

I will not impose my opinion to readers — everyone is able to draw conclusions from the incident. One thing is certain — the working methods of the American media machine after the terrorist attacks of September 11 and the Boston bombing are becoming more sophisticated




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