The Arakawa: “Give Ferguson finally title fight”

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The UFC Welterweight Michael Arakawa (15-4) called Tony Ferguson (24-3), the main contender in the lightweight division, but noted that “El cucuy” has blocked him on Twitter. The words of a soldier leads portal

“I have huge respect for Ferguson because it is very steep. I met him after the weigh-in before UFC 226, where I had a fight with Pettis, and he asked how I was doing, everything was in order. We didn’t talk much.

Tony, we are no longer fighting in the same division – let’s be friends! I have great respect for him, but he blocked me on Twitter. Each has its own quirks and it’s possible he blocked many, and not even know that among them was me. Jesse Jess (Jessica rose Clark), he is also in the black list.

I continue to watch his every fight. God… give this guy finally fucking title fight for God’s sake! He has the best winning streak in the UFC. Give Ferguson to finally fight for a title, he needs it!”.

Earlier, UFC President Dana white called Ferguson’s next opponent Habib Nurmagomedov.

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