The Annunciation of the blessed virgin Mary: greetings in verse, prose and postcards

The Annunciation of the blessed virgin Mary: greetings in verse, prose and postcards See photo (11)
14:29 Today, Telegraph 7 April, the Annunciation 2019 congratulate each other all the Orthodox believers.

One of the major holidays in Christianity, the Annunciation 2019 — Orthodoxy refers to the major feasts, that is, to the twelve most important after Easter. On this day the Archangel Gabriel came to the virgin Mary with the good news that soon she would bear a divine child — Jesus Christ.

This is important for all Christians the feast of all the faithful honor the event that took place more than two thousand years ago, and sent to their relatives, friends and colleagues congratulations to the Annunciation. Congratulations to the Annunciation remind once again the significance of the holiday and fill my soul with warmth from sincere wishes.

Congratulations on one of the most important Christian holidays — the Annunciation! The good news comes and the beginning of real spring. Wish this festival of peace, warmth, prosperity, wealth and well-being. Let the people close to pleased with his actions and understanding that you can be healthy and happy, and this day will bring new hope.

In the feast of the Annunciation

Wish you want:

Everything destiny promised

Let it be on the shoulder,

You enter into the house let together:

Joy, peace, comfort,

And only good news

Your life waiting!

With the Annunciation congratulate you!

Bright joy in a life wish.

Today let to you an angel will come

And good news will bring.

Let the harmony of the world welcomes you,

Let you in the sky the sun is shining.

And will be let again and again

With you faith, hope, love!

The Annunciation: Beautiful cards for family and friends (Photo)

I congratulate you on holiday — the Annunciation of the blessed virgin Mary! I wish only clear thoughts, bright blessings, kindness, good health to you and your family. Peace, tranquility and peace to your home.

The good news dove white

Floating and circling in the sky,

You in the Annunciation I wish

To soul clean.

That faith never left you,

A humble heart that has lived

The Blessing Of The Lord

Always in life you led.

As the ringing of holiday bells, let faith and grace will enter into your hearts. Let the love and joy flit over you like pigeons on Church domes. Get good and get answered thanks. Help those in need, and all you come back as a boomerang. With the feast of the Annunciation, you are Orthodox. Well-being and health in your home.

The Annunciation: congratulations in verse and prose

Congratulations to the Annunciation of the blessed virgin Mary and from the heart I wish to appreciate your life and be grateful to God for all the good he has sent, to cherish every bright moment of happiness and end up believing in their own strength, every day to get good news, never lose their faith and true love.

May the mother of God by grace

Will cover you and your entire house.

That the foe is evil or a traitor

Not settled, slyly, it.

Let Holy Mother Of God

The day of the Annunciation to save.

And let all that is pure, Holy,

You joy, happiness will bring!

The Annunciation came,

In every house knocking,

You want to just warm

For others to take.

To faith day after day

Only strengthened.

So in all things — rise,

That dream came true.

The Annunciation: congratulations in verses and prose in the Ukrainian language

Congratulations on the Great feast of the Annunciation! I wish that for every soul the basics were: devotion to God, purity, innocence. Love, health, understanding, education, good news, good deeds, peace in the heart, tolerance of others, fortitude.

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