The American model requires Russian boxer 8 million in compensation for the beating

Jamie Frontz, model and actress, accused of beating former world champion in the light heavyweight Russian Sergey Kovalev. The girl said that will claim 8 million dollars.

The model told that the conflict arose from the fact that she refused Kovalev in sex.

“I heard that Kovalev denies it in social networks. But then how does he explain my broken nose, concussion, fractured vertebrae and other injuries? All because I refused him sex. He got so angry that several times pushed my dog. But there is a witness who saw everything. Nice try, “crusher” (Nick Kovalev – Спорт24).

Fortunately, it has opened a criminal case, and I will sue you for $ 8 million. The truth can not hide! Sorry, I know how to hit in the face by Kovalev. However, when he was without gloves” – wrote in Instagram, Fronts.

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

I hear that he is denying on his social media that he punched me in the face. I’m curious as to how he explains the fact that I suddenly wound up with a shattered nose, an open head wound, a concussion and two spinal injuries when he was standing 3 feet away from me in the living room of my own cabin (infuriated because I wouldn’t have sex with him, so much so that he had just viciously kicked my dog Annie), and there’s an eye witness who saw the whole thing. Nice try, Krusher. Fortunately, he’s facing felony assault charges and I’m also suing him for $8 million, so one way or the other I suspect the truth will come out. Sadly, I know all to well what its like to get punched in the face by Kovalev, only when he hit me he wasn’t wearing gloves. . . . . #prettypinkacres #ranchliving #blondiestyle #farmlife #animallover #boxer #countrygirl #athlete #boxing #wbo #professionalboxer #assault #blondescandoanything #fighter #bigbearcalifornia #bigbear #strength #influencer #model #brandambassador #ownit #menwhohitwomen #truthwillprevail #courage #dogabuser #womanbeater #instareal #nomeansno #factsarefacts #realtalk

Does, polirani Jamie Frontz (@prettypinkacres) 29 Sich 2019 R. 9:41 PST


The boxer is accused of beating women in the United States. He faces four years in prison. The next court hearing will be held in March.

Russian Kovalev responded to the accusations of beating up a girl. Boxer asks not to jump to conclusions. Kovalev focused on the fact that the fans do not know the details of the incident.

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