The American media reported on the trials of Russian anti-satellite missile

At the disposal of the intelligence the United States has evidence that Russia conducted a successful test of a new ASAT system in December last year.

About it reports TV channel –°NBC, citing sources familiar with the classified intelligence report USA.

It is noted that the test passed on 23 December last year and became the seventh test of anti-satellite system. The Russian system PL-19 Nudol was twice tested in 2018.

The rocket flew 17 minutes at a distance of nearly 3,000 km, and then successfully hit the target. The system will be used against communication satellites and devices for satellite images to the lower orbit of the Earth.

Earlier in the review the Pentagon’s report on U.S. policy in the area of missile defence was reported that Russia is developing ASAT technologies various directional and ground-based, and continues to run the “pilot” satellites which carry out complex operations on orbit to improve ASAT capability.

The US President Donald trump, introduced Thursday an updated strategy for the development of missile defense and prioritize the current administration, taking into account new challenges and threats, including Russia.

In particular, according to the document, the missile defense system the United States should combine “both defensive and offensive capabilities to deter threats, to include active possibility of intercepting missiles in all phases of flight after launching, and passive defense to mitigate the consequences of a missile strike and the possibility of attacks during the conflict to neutralize missile threats prior to launch “. Deputy Minister of defense Michael Griffin claimed that the question of pre-emptive strike is not.

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