The activities of the “Church aunts” MP and exile propagandist Boyko from Russia – top 5 videos of the week

24 channel offers to your attention the most interesting and popular among our readers stories for the week.
To hold at any price: how MP carries in the village “Church aunts”

Keep the Church together at any cost try the priests of the Moscow Patriarchate across the country. More and more parishes join the newly formed Ukrainian Church. Therefore, the rectors of Moscow churches tend to hold people by all means. They resort to tricks, threats and even political techniques. The priests of the MP ride to a fake village of people who oppose the newly formed Ukrainian Church.

Video: priests of the MP dumped in temples of pseudopterosin

“Thrown away like a dirty rag” what happened to all that propaganda Boyko after his expulsion from Russia

Russian journalist and outspoken opponent of the Putin regime Arkady Babchenko didn’t choose emotions, commenting on the expulsion from Russia of further detention in Ukraine the so-called “journalist” Elena Boyko. According to him, she finally realized that “Russia is its not just throwing, but chews and spits out”.

Video: what was the history of propagandist Boyko after the expulsion from Russia

Ukrainian soldiers burned the vehicles of militants with ammunition

Russian terrorists do not stop shelling on the front line. And Ukrainian soldiers hold the Fort: in the middle of January 2019 close to the village of Sands, they knocked the truck of militants with ammunition. Ukrainian soldiers spotted a convoy of trucks that moved to one of the positions of the enemy near the Sand, and played ahead of the curve.

Video: Ukrainian soldiers conducted a successful operation to destroy the truck with ammunition militants

To “technical candidates” will vote in the elections

The officially registered presidential candidates is not so much, however, about his decision to run has already said a lot of people. Some of them are “technical candidates” who may later just to vote.

Video: who are “technical candidates” and to whom they will give their votes in the elections

As a Church of the Moscow Patriarchate control of Russia: the evidence from the journalists of channel 24

On behalf of the government, the Ministry of culture for the second week looking for evidence that the Moscow Patriarchate control of Russia. And if you do, the Church will have to specify the name of any involvement in the aggressor country. However, our reporter took a few hours to get a confirmation.

Video: what is the evidence of Russia’s influence on MP in Ukraine journalists found 24 channels

Cyborg openly about the last days of the airport, heroism and return to society

A Frank conversation with the cyborg Evgeny Kovtun, who survived the hell and now tries to return to normal life. In an interview with channel 24 he spoke about when defenders of the WCT was worth to take, as was manifested the heroism of the fighters in the burning terminal and helping to return home from war.

Video: the story of a cyborg on the Russian-Ukrainian war and the return to normal life


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