The accident on the railway in Moscow: a train collided with a train

At the Kursk station in Moscow a commuter train collided with a train. There are victims.
As reported in the press service of the local interior Ministry, the “swift” went to Kursk station, and the train of suburban “master – chip” came out of the station. Then the collision occurred, reports “Interfax”.
Law enforcement authorities claim that there were no injuries. Agency sources report that the wagon train derailed.
In a press-service of the Moscow railway said that the train “was a gathering of the two wheel pairs of wagons, with the result that they leaned in the direction of the train, “swift”, which arrived at the station.
According to “Medusa” the two passenger trains “swift” has addressed for medical aid with bruises.
Witnesses publish a photo of the chaos at the Kursk station of Moscow.

And how did you start your week? The train crashed into the next car #swift #Kurkijoki
Does, polirani Dima Château Shatokhin (@dimachateau) BLK 19, 2017 5:14 PDT

Only I can start vacation tomorrow morning departure, visas are not yet in swift already at the entrance to the platform crashed into the train – we were evacuated ! Life is boring if there is no place for feats and adventures !!! ?? #vacation #holidays #fun #happytime
Does, polirani Catherine (@kateshe5) BLK 19, 2017 5:04 PDT

Like something burning, judging by the numerous machines and the like, and is not lit ???
Does, polirani Sofa (@sonyajox) BLK 19, 2017 5:54 PDT

The cause of the collision, according to preliminary data, is called “failure of switch mechanism.”
Just both trains were 600 passengers.

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