The 7 most ridiculous innovation of 2018

2018 was noted for interesting, and in some cases, even revolutionary developments. However, sometimes such devices and developments that have no practical function and cause logical question is “why this product was actually created?”.

Publishing Inc has assembled a rating of the most absurd innovations that were presented this year.

The robot bartender

This development has created the Estonian company Yanu for agencies at airports. The robot takes the order, processes payments, prepares drinks and, perhaps, even able to joke a few times in the process.

Children’s watches

This rating was also hit MiSafes baby watch kid’s Watcher Plus there is support for calls and GPS. However, they proved to be unreliable. Therefore, anyone who possesses certain technical skills, were able to track past and current location of the owner, to eavesdrop on conversations and call supposedly on behalf of the parents.

Smart toilet

American company Kohler has developed a smart toilet Numi Toilet, which can sync with voice assistant Amazon Alexa. The device is able to lift the lid and activate the toilet flushes on your team. Also voice control allows you to play playlists or to start heating the room. But it is worth the novelty is not enough – 8 thousand dollars.

Suitcase for carting

Suitcase-karting from the company Modobag worth fifteen hundred dollars. However, at airports or railway stations it is not very ride – it is not suitable for chaotic movement of people.

Smart linen Cabinet

Company Seven DreamersLaundroid created a concept smart Cabinet that is 16 thousand dollars. To work properly, the clothing before loading into Laundroid need to unzip and carefully put on the shelf. This process casts doubt on the very idea of smart Cabinet, after the Assembly of each subject spent 15 minutes.

Smart linen

Myant, the company has developed a smart underwear Skiin, which are equipped with special sensors. They have to monitor heart rate, respiration and sleep cycles. Now the company is developing other functions – for example, the ability to run Spotify playlists based on the analysis of your mood or the start-up of the thermostat after the measurement of body temperature.

Wall TV

Samsung has presented the TV to The Wall with a diagonal of 146 inches. It corresponds to the area of the wall in the average house. The price is not yet announced, but Samsung has already said that the device will cost less than everyone expects. CNet is estimated by The Wall 100 of thousands of dollars.

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