The 5 best comedies of the 2018-2019 according to the audience: bright selection

Say, the sincere laughter prolongs life. What else can cause laughter from the heart, not as funny Comedy movies? Moreover, if new comedies impress with modern humor and the perfect picture. Therefore, LifeStyle 24 have prepared for you a selection of the best comedies, in the opinion of the audience, released in 2018 and 2019.
1. “The Adventures Of Paddington 2” (Paddington 2) (2018)

Comedy “the adventures of Paddington 2” about a funny bear cub is a continuation of the first part, which was released on the big screen in 2014. The plot of the adventure strip appears the Paddington, which has gained extraordinary popularity after it settled with the family of Browns. In the second part of the Comedy he prepares for the birthday of aunt Lucy, who is 100 years old!

Paddington wants to surprise her, so decides to purchase a gift of an ancient book with panoramas of London. He found her in an antique shop Gruber and, as it turned out, this is no ordinary book, but a real treasure map. That is why on the eve of the holiday plans bears destroys a thief who steals a book from a shop, and a suspect in the theft becomes the Paddington. It instantly arrested, and the family of the Browns by all means try to prove the innocence of his friend. With this begins a new adventure Paddington.

“The adventures of Paddington 2”: watch the trailer of Comedy online

2. Green book (Green Book) (2018)

The movie “the Green book”, created in the genre dramedy, combines dramatic moments with comedic fragments. Probably because of this he is second in the list of Comedy films in popularity among viewers. Let us add that the picture also won Oscars 2019 in the category “Best film”.

In the story, a former bouncer Tony, who lost his job and all the plans for the future, still remains unemployed because of the Great depression in the United States. However, he does not lose hope to find a job and success decides him to smile. Old links help Tony become the driver of a dark-skinned musician don Shirley, who performs classical music. He decided to hire a driver-security guard is not in vain – soon it is waiting for a tour of the southern States, where the ratio of African Americans willing to expect the best. Therefore, in his opinion, Tony will be able to intervene and prevent any incident. Over time, however, he realizes that the guy has no manners and he categorically not suitable for the position. Just because a musician of don Shirley decides to travel silently, in contrast to his driver who talks incessantly. However, they still have to find common ground and get along, because there they have a lot of days that they are forced to hold together

Green book: see the trailer for the film online

3. “Agent Johnny English 3.0” (Johnny English Strikes Again) (2018)

Third place was taken by the film “Agent johnny English 3.0” with your favorite actor, most famous as Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson in the title role. This English comic actor seems to be born for comic roles. That’s why the Comedy with his participation are very popular.

The plot of the third part of the movie is a direct continuation of the film “Agent johnny inglish: Reloaded”. A secret agent has long passed the post and retired. He tries to live a normal life and not to think about the service. However, his secret Agency was faced with a problem – an unknown assailant received the data of all employees, as well as classified information that should be kept solely confidential. At this point, the leaders reminisce about the good old employee johnny English, whose name is not in the database, and therefore it does not know about bitter enemy. Managers trust him with an important secret mission, and he, as always, to the rescue and ready to fight.

“Agent johnny inglish 3.0”: watch the trailer for the film online

4. “Beauty on his head” (I Feel Pretty) (2018)

Comedy picture “Pretty woman in the head” is filled with not only some funny moments, but also quite profound meaning, because it tells of a young woman Renee Bennett, who is trying to overcome self-doubt due to the extra weight and not exactly model looks.

She works in a small office cosmetic company Lily LeClair, but wants to get a job at the headquarters of the organization. One day she makes a wish at a fountain, which sounds like “want to be beautiful.” The next day during training Renee suddenly falls from the machine and hits his head. With her looks and figure nothing is happening, but changes in its vision of itself is quite a stunning turn in the head.

She begins to consider himself incredibly attractive and she loves my body in the mirror. She immediately meets with Ethan and decides to interview at the main office of the company, which she manages to pass. At the new location Reni respect, consult on new products, and she begins to despise girls, not period features and because of this, her deteriorating relationships with old friends. And here it expects next fall, after which she wakes up the same. However, she still decides to take part in a bikini contest, what he wants to prove to themselves and others that appearance is only a picture.

“The beauty of the whole head”: watch the trailer for the film online

5. “A mysterious murder” (Murder Mystery) (2019)

On the eve of the 15 anniversary of the marriage of the main characters of the film “murder mystery” solved for the first time to travel together abroad.

She is Audrey, the hairdresser, who constantly complains to her friend that the relationship with her husband they have no more romance, and he is Nick, a COP who cheats on his wife that has long promoted. In the beginning the couple did not know about the adventures that lie ahead, and therefore what impact they will have on their relationship suffering from routine.

In the story, in the plane, when Nick fell asleep, Audrey meets a billionaire and he immediately invites them to a family party being held on a luxury yacht. Pair without hesitation agrees. During a joyous celebration all those present will know that as the rich uncle will get his new young wife, and not close relatives. At this moment on the boat the light disappears, and when there – the guests of the party notice of a murdered billionaire who never managed to bequeath the wealth of his beloved. Nick and Audrey realize that they are suspects in the murder, so they begin their own investigation. He remembers all their police skills and she’s keen plots of detective films.

“Murder mystery”: watch the trailer for the film online


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