The 2018 world Cup. They will not come to Russia


“SE” gives a list of teams that lost their chances for the world Cup which will be held in Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018.

1 September 2017. KAZAKHSTAN under the leadership of Alexander Borodyuk lost Montenegro (0:3) and was not able to create a sensation. The Edgaras Jankauskas and LITHUANIA with the same score defeated Scotland and have to wait for the next qualifying cycle, as well as the national team of AZERBAIJAN.

31 August 2017. The hosts of the 2022 world Cup QATAR are forced to wait in the wings in the tournament – the team lost the chance to go to the 2018 world Cup, losing to Syria.

BELARUS unexpectedly lost to Luxembourg and the expected lost the chance to go to the world Cup to the neighbors. FAROE ISLANDS, ANDORRA and ESTONIA also habitually will watch a tournament on TV.

13 Jun 2017. PAPUA NEW GUINEA lost to the Solomon Islands and lost the chance to debut in the final stage of the world Cup. This result also knocked out of the participant of the confederations Cup 2013 TAHITI.

11 Jun 2017. KOSOVO failed to reach the final stage of the 2018 world Cup. For the Balkan team this is the first part in a qualifying tournament of the world Cup in history. Also the chances of the 2018 world Cup lost FINLAND, who lost at home to Ukraine. In addition, not going to Russia, MACEDONIA and LIECHTENSTEIN.

June 10, 2017. MALTA and SAN MARINO will be able to go to Russia in the best case as tourists.

9 June 2017. From to qualify for the 2018 world Cup officially retired the first of the European countries – LUXEMBOURG, LATVIA and GIBRALTAR.

8 June 2017. After the victory of Australia over Saudi Arabia for the 2018 world Cup is not going to IRAQ.

On 28 March 2017. Team FIJI lost to New Zealand in the second match in a row and not get into final stage qualifying tournament in Oceania. THAILAND they lost to Japan (0:4) and lost the opportunity to catch even for the third place in the group for the 3rd qualifying round in Asia.

March 25, 2017. After the victory of New Zealand over Fiji likely to qualify for the next round of the qualifying tournament in Oceania has lost NEW CALEDONIA.

March 24, 2017. The teams of BOLIVIA and VENEZUELA, the first in South America lost their chances to qualify for the 2018 world Cup.

September 3, 2016. In CONCACAF chances to qualify in next round lost SALVADOR, CANADA, JAMAICA and GUATEMALA.

5 Jun 2016. Team SAMOA conceded 8 unanswered goals, from Papua New Guinea and is not passed to the next round of the qualifying tournament in Oceania.

4 Jun 2016. Team VANUATU ranked last in the group and failed to reach the third round of qualifying in Oceania.

March 30, 2016. In the fourth round of qualifiers in CONCACAF has lost chances of an exit from group, HAITI and SAINT Vincent AND the GRENADINES.

March 29, 2016. VIETNAM lost to Iraq (0:1) and took the third place in group F of the Asian qualification. OMAN missed in the match against Iran, two goals from Serdar Azmun and will not be able to be among the four best teams from the runners. JORDAN defeated Australia (1:5) and in table second places will be at best the sixth. Draw national team of the United Arab Emirates with Saudi Arabia knocks against the DPRK and KUWAIT.

On 24 March 2016. KYRGYZSTAN after a crushing victory over Jordan, Bangladesh (8:0) and lost the opportunity to climb to second place in group B. PALESTINE will not be able to become second in group A after defeat from Russia (0:2). Win Oman on GUAM (1:0) TURKMENISTAN deprived of chances of an exit in the third round. SINGAPORE is not out of group E after a crushing victory of Syria over Cambodia (6:0). Hong KONG lost to Qatar (0:2) and ended the fight in group C in third place. LEBANON can still take second place in their group, but not exactly fall in one of the four best teams from taken the second places.

November 17, 2015. Ended the second qualifying round in Africa. The fight made up 14 teams BENIN (2:3 in two matches with Burkina Faso), MADAGASCAR (2:5 with Senegal), COMOROS (0:2 Ghana), KENYA (1:2 Guinea-Bissau), RWANDA (1:4 with Libya), ANGOLA (1:4, Africa), NIGER (0:3 Cameroon), LIBERIA (0:4 côte d’ivoire), SWAZILAND (0:2 Nigeria), MAURITANIA (1:4 Tunisia), ETHIOPIA (4:6 Congo), CHAD (1:4 to Egypt), BOTSWANA (2:3 from Mali). We should also mention the departure of TANZANIA that played 2:2 with Algeria, and on the road got 7 unanswered goals.

A number of teams in Asia also lost their chances to qualify for the 2018 world Cup. EAST TIMOR, MALAYSIA, GUAM, SINGAPORE, TAIWAN, MYANMAR, BAHRAIN and PHILIPPINES will not be able to take even second place in their groups. Note that the Timor lost in the last two matches of the UAE and Saudi Arabia with a total score of 0:18.

November 15, 2015. In the same second round lost to SUDAN Zambia (0:1, 0:2), BURUNDI – DR Congo (2:3, 2:2), NAMIBIA – Guinea (0:1, 0:2), TOGO Uganda (0:1, 0:3), and EQUATORIAL GUINEA – Morocco (0:2, 1:0).

November 14, 2015. Has determined the first loser of the 2nd round of qualification in Africa. MOZAMBIQUE in the two-legged tie with Gabon won 1:0, with the same score lost to and have been less fortunate in the penalty shootout – 3:4.

12 November 2015. BANGLADESH and TAJIKISTAN after the victory of Australia over Kyrgyzstan (3:0) lost chances of the second place in group B of qualification for the 2018 world Cup in Asia and will not pass to the next round. The fight ended for the MALDIVES, who lost in group C Hong Kong (0:1). Palestine scored 6 unanswered goals of MALAYSIA and did not allow her to compete for the second spot in group A.

17 October 2015. Team DJIBOUTI was defeated Swaziland in the two matches (0:6, 1:2). The return game was moved from 13 to 17 October because of the problems of the people of Djibouti with transit visas.

13 October 2015. Nine African teams lost the chance to go to Russia after the next matches of the 1st qualifying round. Among them: the Central African Republic (0:3, 2:2 Madagascar), SEYCHELLES (0:1, 0:2 from Burundi), the GAMBIA (1:1, 1:2 with Namibia), SIERRA LEONE (0:1, 2:1 with Chad), SOMALIA (0:2, 0:4 with Niger), LESOTHO (0:0, 1:1 with the Comoros), GUINEA-BISSAU (1:1, 1:3 Liberia)ERITREA (0:2, 1:3 with Botswana). We should also mention the departure of SOUTH SUDAN. The national team, formed in 2011, made his debut in qualifying for the world Championships and lost to Mauritania – 1:1, 0:4.

BHUTAN suffered a fifth defeat in five matches in the group C second round of qualifying for the 2018 world Cup in Asia and has lost chances of hit in next round. Similarly eliminated from the competition INDIA in group D, CAMBODIA in group E and YEMEN in group H. In the asset LAOS 1 point after 5 games, and he was through to the next round. AFGHANISTAN one win in 5 matches will not be able to take second place in group E.

11 Oct 2015. In Africa, MALAWI in the first qualifying round failed to beat Tanzania (0:2, 1:0), SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE lost of Ethiopia (0:0, 0:3), and the MAURITIUS – Kenya (2:5, 0:0).

9 September 2015. ARUBA lost in the third qualifying round of the CONCACAF national team of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (0:2, 2:1), CURACAO national team lost to El Salvador (0:1, 0:1), and ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA – Guatemala (1:0, 0:2). GRENADA lost to Haiti (0:3, 1:3), BELIZE – Canada (1:1, 0:3), and NICARAGUA – Jamaica (0:2, 3:2).

4 September 2015. Oceania stop fighting TONGA, COOK ISLANDS and AMERICAN SAMOA. In the first round the team lost to the winner of the group, Samoa.

June 30, 2015. BARBADOS was awarded to winners in the return match of the qualifying tournament, Aruba (1:0) for participation in the game of the disqualified player.

17 Jun 2015. The struggle in CONCACAF finish BERMUDA (0:0, 0:1 with Guatemala), SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS (2:2, 1:4 with El Salvador) and PUERTO RICO (1:0, 0:2 with Grenada). To retired joined DOMINIC (0:2, 0:4 with Canada) and SURINAME (0:1, 1:3 with Nicaragua).

15 June 2015. CUBA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, GUYANA and SAINT LUCIA do not go to Russia for the world Cup. In the second round of the qualifying tournament in CONCACAF, they lost respectively Curacao (0:0, 1:1), Belize (1:2, 0:3), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (2:2, 4:4) and the national team of Antigua and Barbuda (3:1, 1:4).

May 30, 2015. INDONESIA was excluded from the qualifying tournament in connection with government intervention in football Affairs of the country.

April 1, 2016. MONTSERRAT lost their two matches of curaçao (1:2, 2:2), and the last flew out of the first round of qualification in CONCACAF.

March 30, 2015. ANGUILLA, the CAYMAN ISLANDS and the BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS has lost chances of hit in final tournament of the 2018 world Cup. Teams lost in the two-legged tie, Nicaragua (0:5, 0:3), Belize (0:0, 1:1) and Dominica (2:3, 0:0), respectively.

March 29, 2015. The BAHAMAS has lost hope to get in Russia, dry losing on the sum of two matches Bermuda – 0:5, 0:3.

26 Mar 2015. U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS will not fall to Russia, coarsely losing to Barbados (1:0, 0:4). With them on the 2018 world Cup has not selected the national team of the TURKS AND CAIXA, which has twice defeated the team of Saint Kitts and Nevis (2:6, 2:6).

23 Mar 2015. Left out of the national team of PAKISTAN – it is the sum of two matches of the first round of selection in the Asian area lost to Yemen (1:3, 0:0).

March 17, 2015. The national team of MONGOLIA became the first team lost their chances for the 2018 world Cup in wrestling. In the first round of the qualifying tournament in the Asian region, the Mongols in the two games lost East Timor – 1:4, 0:1. NEPAL in the two-legged tie lost neighbors from India – 0:0, 0:2, SRI LANKA, Bhutan, double-bit – 0:1, 1:2. In other two-legged confrontation team MACAU Cambodia lost – 0:3, 1:1, and BRUNEI lost to Taiwan – 0:2, 1:0.

March 12, 2015. Team ZIMBABWE is excluded from the qualifying tournament for the 2018 world Cup. This decision was due to the fact that the Football Association of the country within a period not repaid to the former coach of the national team Jose Claudinei, Giorgini.


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