“That slag!”, – Volodymyr Ostapchuk after rozliczenia Rozhnov ukraïntsiv parody a good dad

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today, 12:58

Popularni Ukrainian televeduschiy, veduchikh “Verbazende” I fall show “Dances with stars z” Volodymyr Ostapchuk, that nedavno saying about rozlouceni s entourage often Radu publc of scrivimi posts in svom Instagram. Znamenitosti after rasstavanie s matr Yu Yogo two kids of the Reindeer Voychenko, Yak of zvynuvachuiemo cholovika in zradah, all castle becoming z they decided to appear on the screen, in Simeria, nabovati great army prihilny I haters. So, the artist Virchow orignale privtate Ducat s Mineralni inocom day on 8 March, snyavshy musicno parody.

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The man’s a knight? ⠀ Since the morning He mysteriously disappeared behind a door and returned with an armful of colors, blurring in a smile, tells, whispers and wishes. ⠀ Congratulations to you all: but Him, even the stupid cards in My MP with a Billboard and a neighbor boy. ⠀ But the main gift for You! ⠀ Today It would be mother. ⠀ He’ll wash, he’ll make (and you will eat it, if edible), he will walk and wash. ⠀ It with a list stand for half an hour in milk, gently sending pictures of baby cereal and Your favorite candy. He is the most collected and nice. ⠀ Today he is trying as never, only in rare moments of shouting: “Your mother”! ⠀ He’s not arguing, he realizes – dad will never become a mother. ⠀ And people like him are millions. Will He be able to stay with the kids all day? Well – at least a couple of hours. ⠀ Watch my new parody and know that He admires the way You’re raising and investing love. ⠀ Link to the full version of the video in the header of the profile👆👆👆 ⠀ Caution! In the video a lot Giz and male pain😂😘 ⠀ #parody #Ostapchuk #Giza #8th March

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“People znovu of lizar?
S the wound He tamnic the prisoner for guerima I turned s Oberemko KTV, rasplyvayas in USMC, kazhe, sepose I Baja.
You tauti VSI: Krim Demba navti turn listki Viber, MP s bilborda I sustsci of hlopchiki.
Ale head podarunok for You!
Today VIN bude mom.
He himself pomi, he prigoto (I VI CE z STE, if stune), he Vihula I the Viper.
VIN zi list prostate whodini in the dairy, watch nadsilati pictures ditco cash I Toh of Ulublena tsukerok. VIN maximum zbrani I Mily.
Today he startsa Yak Nikoli, only in RDCs of momenti vigorous: “Your matr”!
VIN is not Latsia, VIN Rozum – old man Nikoli is not the camp mom.
I such as VIN – Mlini. Chi smoge VIN pabuti s dtmi all day? Well Garazd – though a couple of hours.
Be surprised my new parody, I know, He zooplus Tim, Yak Ti vicous I Vladas love.
Caution! Have video bagato zhittya I colocho sick😂😘”, – podlive emotsii Ostapchuk. Follower not held POWs, nonetheless Sered pozitivnih komentaru beat I of wt negativnih vdgekw, Yak on Youtube, so I have Instagram.

Obov’yazkovo papishes on our channel Viber, not dwellers of propustiti niccas

Nagado, Ostapchuk after rozliczenia I “s with stars Tanzu” not strumosa.

As the portal “Know.ia” povidomlyav scho Ostapchuk pracowali handcuffs, I locked in CLT.

The portal also “Know.Eeyore” wrote scho the Ostapchuk after “Tanzu s with a stars” I Bolshogo rozliczenia completion snadobica relief ukraïntsiv.