Ten things that will rise in price this year

From automotive fuel to food.

A compilation of home price growth in 2020 built the website myfin.by.

Price of fuel will rise

In 2020, the fuel increased in price 4 times for 1 penny. For 2019, the price of gasoline and diesel were changed 29 times, often rose in price by 1 penny and several times cheaper for the same penny.

25 January 2019 gasoline AI-95 cost of 1.52 RUB 25 January 2020 – 1,77 RUB Is 16.5 per cent.

Diesel, for the same period, has risen from 1.53 to 1.77 RUB RUB Difference of 15.7%.

And on January 26 there was another price increase of 1 penny. And for 2020 the trend will definitely continue, and “oil war” with Russia greatly increases the risk of sudden and significant rise in price.

Anyone who thinks that not having a car you can not depend on the prices of gasoline and diesel fuel, is deeply mistaken. Fuel prices are budgeted at the cost of almost all manufactured in Belarus products. This is true even for trade of imported goods, as more expensive domestic transportation and overall costs of trade.

More expensive utility bills

Every year in Belarus planned to raise tariffs for housing and communal services in the range of $5 to a typical two-bedroom apartment with three sleeps, with the standard consumption of their services. This year’s increase is also going to happen. Rise all different and not very clearly, where a unit rise in rubles, somewhere- at 1 penny. Percentage price increase more understandable.

the repair charges – 29.9%;

sewer – 21.4%;

cold water – by 12.5%;

heat and hot water – by 11.6% (from 1 June);

electricity – by 8.9%;

elevators – 2.9%;

gas – 2.4%.

Full rates for utilities that expose parasites and housing, where no one is registered, too, will grow. But will decrease the difference between the full and current subsidized in their utility bills.

The climb out is not particularly sensitive, but for almost the entire population of Belarus.

More expensive cigarettes

Tobacco products will rise in price from 1 Feb. The cost of different brands will change in different ways, something for 5-10 cents, and a maximum of 35 cents. Marlboro even cheaper by 1 penny. Detailed information about the maximum prices of all cigarette brands already available on the website of the Ministry of taxes and levies. The estimated increase over the 2020 – 15%.

This price increase will notice not all, but only smoke and, indirectly, their families. And certainly will increase the budget revenues, because the emissions tobacco smoke in connection with the increase in prices unlikely to decrease.

More expensive alcohol

But such events have already caused public turmoil. But this time is likely to cost. The fact that the resolution of the Ministry of Antimonopoly regulation and trade No. 100 and No. 101 raise the minimum price for spirits and fortified wine. For example – a bottle of vodka 0.5 liters of 40% ABV cannot be sold in retail cheaper 6,47 RUB, a bottle of wine 0.7 liter fortress 18% below 2,99 rubles. But in stores they are more expensive.

However, during the year, prices still rise, the Ministry of Finance plans to increase prices by 6%, the increase in price may make inflation and other factors. Note also that the prices of raw materials for the production of alcohol is increased.

Expensive Schengen visa

That is, they must fall in price to € 35 from 1 June 2020. However, from February 2, 2020 visa while the rise in price from 60 to 80 euros. European business people have a little patience.

However, the bulk of the Belarusian population nor the growth rates for the visa or his fall will not change.

Will increase fees and fines

From 1 January 2020 base value in Belarus went up from 25.5 to 27 RUB Automatically in proportion to this one and a half rubles, will increase some fees, taxes, fees and fines. It would be more expensive to obtain a passport, to marry, to divorce, to pay for the right to be a craftsman, for traffic violations, etc.

For the bulk of population growth in underlying value is accompanied by the growth of minimum wages, rates, etc., which should offset rising operating costs. So the “victims” will be the major payers of fines.

More expensive postal service

However, not all and not by much. For example:

Sending a registered letter weighing 20 gr. cost of 1.90 rubles., and from January 30 to cost of 1.98 RUB.

An average 5% price will rise: E-commerce, EMS, courier etc.

On the overall cost of living in the country it will affect slightly.

More expensive some services Beltelecom

And here, apparently, there is a gradual and planned increase in tariffs commensurate with the current inflation, price growth and ruble of income.

The price increase will start from January 25 and will be about 5%. For example, a popular Internet packages will rise by 30-50 cents.

Urban and long distance telephone services, hosting, video monitoring, and some services for legal entities will not touch it. And welfare of the people is not significantly affected.

Expensive cash services

In 2020, many were surprised to find that for each payment at the offices of Belpochta Commission of 60 kopecks. the only Exception will apply payments to the Belposhta, the budget, for charitable purposes, and, fortunately, for utility services.

Please note that many banks charge for cash services much more: Belarusbank – 2 RUB, Priorbank, Dabrabyt,BPS-Sberbank – RUB 5

This innovation is already upset older people, and everyone who does not pay via the Internet or mobile app. Costs for cash service may not be so much large, how annoying, especially in small amounts.

A more expensive domestic products

Rising prices for food already in progress, and probably will continue to be reflected on the expenses of most families. How big is the growth will not say exactly, but it is unlikely to be below the level of inflation.

Manufacturers of cereals, flour, meat products raised prices in December 2019 and January 2020. To check how much – on the websites of the companies, often within 5% at a time.

This is done to compensate for the increased cost of production and, as is customary with us, the price will not be returned.