Tariffs for cold water and gas rose: why and how many will now have to pay

The price for cold water and drainage for Kyiv and regional centers has increased. In the capital also rose gas prices. Why utilities went up again and the pocket whether they are Ukrainians – in the material of the site “24”.
Water rates and gas: why has risen
The tariffs on cold water rose to 24 water utilities and their consumers from 12 may this year. This applies to Kiev, Lviv, Dnieper, Khmelnytsky, Rivne, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Pavlograd, Lisichansk, Coloma and other cities. The water has risen in price for each city in different ways-from 7 to 28%.
Reasons of growth of tariffs call: decrease the volume of implementation services, the increase in the minimum wage, higher prices for electricity and cost verification in the private sector. Frankly, nothing new.
Among the reasons of growth of tariffs for water – nothing new
And the people of Kiev from April will come again and big bills for gas. If earlier for natural gas, they paid 6 879 UAH per thousand cubic meters, that will be – 6 958 UAH for thousand cubic meters. This is 1.2% more.
So the cost of gas for domestic consumers according to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine will operate a year – from April 1, 2017 April 1, 2018. The reason, again traditional – the price rose due to the increase in the tariff for transportation by trunk pipelines and the tariff for distribution of natural gas.
Why increased gas prices in Kiev
Excessive gas and unfair fee
The rising cost of gas in Kiev is associated with the effect of regulations of Cabinet of Ministers No. 315, in which is specified the trading margin. The gas companies take gas from NAK “Naftogaz” at the cost established in the document, and on top of this prices makes the margin to 2.5%. Therefore, gas prices in different regions may vary.
This was during a press conference on a subject: “Tariffs for cold water and gas rose again: how to survive the Ukrainians?”, Thursday, may 18, said an analyst with a “Public audit” Maksym Kotenko.
However, according to experts, the cost of the final price of natural gas, energy must publish by 1 July this year. According to forecasts, it could reach 8 300 hryvnia per thousand cubic meters.
The gas companies make a margin on gas of up to 2.5%
As for the famous monthly fee for gas in April that wanted to establish in Ukraine over the distribution of natural gas for households and industrial consumers, it is suspended but not completely lifted. If the decision was made, on average, would have to pay 92 hryvnias per month. As you know, the idea of a licence fee greatly angered Ukrainians.
The Director of “Institute of” Alexander Sergienko reminded that the amount of license fee depends on the type of counter. Those who do not have the counter – and nearly 5.6 million households – consumption will be considered as if they were counter G2,4.
Those who do not have meter – will pay for gas at the maximum
This means that the rated power is 2.4 cube per hour. The maximum is 4. And if you have no meter, explains Sergienko, it is believed that you have a counter G2,4, which turns on full power – shakes 4 cube per hour and this fee is charged.
Agree – it is unfair. For those who consume gas in large amounts, the difference is not noticeable. But for those who do not have a gas boiler (there is only a gas cooker or gas stove plus column) charges will be significant.
A year subscription fee for gas when it was finally canceled, says Sergienko, will be further removed from the pockets of Ukrainians UAH 70 billion.
Consume less – pay more?
Back to water rates. As noted above, the number one cause of rising prices for water is called the reduction of the water supply and sanitation. According to Sergienko, over the past three years, the water consumption actually declined by more than 10%, and the use of sewer – 18%.
But not because Ukrainians began to save. Of course, exclude careful use of water resources is not worth it. But this is not a mass phenomenon – people have simply installed the counters. And when you receive the savings, says Sergienko, the government raises tariffs, not least to compensate for the revenue of water utilities.
To pay less for water, the Ukrainians set the counters, the government, in turn, raises rates
“It turns out, meaning no savings. People began to consume less water – so you need to make it more expensive for smaller amounts to get more money?” says the head of the Board of the Public Committee for the protection of human rights, Nikolai Kozyrev. And, he adds, the consumer demand of the population has decreased three times, including the ability to pay utility fees.
To you and to us
Although officials say about the economic validity of increase of tariffs for utility services – experts of a different opinion. The market of gas supply, they note, is monopolized. In such conditions the only criterion of balancing the interests of “supplier-consumer” is the ability to produce and ability to buy. Because if producer prices are rising, and the population is not able to pay for them, it goes bankrupt first.
Experts also note: the scope of communal ownership should not be public – it should belong to the authorities of local self-government. And would it be wrong if the national Commission exercising the state regulation in energy and utilities, did not intervene in the tariff increase? If before it was (prior to the law 1198 the local authority has set all rates, except the Central heating – she was in a state complex) is now the authority to set tariffs was transferred to the controller. What came out of it – can see themselves.

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