“Svobodovets” told what has been done in Cherkassy for 2018


Members of the Executive Committee of Cherkasy city Council from IN “Freedom” reported about last year. The press conference was held in the premises of the city Council.

– When there are a dilemma – to watch or to act, we chose action. Because nationalists are men of action, – said the Deputy of the mayor of Cherkasy Yuri Botnar. He in a grey suit, without a tie. To the right of Botnaru – head of the Department of education Sergei Voronov. Left – the city Council Secretary Jaroslav Nydic.

– For anybody not a secret that the Cherkasy 10 years was a hostage situation, when access to power and budget fought various business-criminal gangs – said Yuri Botner. Is impeded the development of the city. We chose the path of action, and gradually implement it. Understand that not all powers have to clean out the Augean stables, which have turned Cherkassy clans vying for power. They used to take in the city all you want. Like went to the supermarket, but without the purse. We got Cherkassy with a bunch of problems – from the airport to the garbage disposal. Opponents sling mud at us from newspaper pages, TV screens and Internet. However, we have a powerful weapon – the truth. Our allies – the ordinary citizens. We have something to tell people.

Yuri Botnar made lists of “Svoboda”.

– Our goal is to turn Cherkassy in the sports capital of Ukraine. Now buy sports equipment, repair of sports halls, build football grounds. Raised leading Cherkasy athletes scholarships. Refine Cherkasy parks, holding back a quality energy-efficient lighting, making the beaches look like the best foreign samples. Support teachers, educate students patriots and implement the latest technologies in the educational process. We repair kindergartens. Care about the disabled and disadvantaged, solve problems of urban infrastructure: renovating the airport, all contribute to the purchase of new garbage trucks and garbage containers.

City Council Secretary Jaroslav Nydic told about the systematization of proposals from all of the administrators to the Program of socio-economic and cultural development of the city.

– For the current year we have planned, obviously, the largest amount since independence for the development of sport. Nearly 20 million, he said. – Quite a large sum of money will be spent on developing a Park-beach area. In addition, provided for the purchase of additional trash bins for “Cherkassy service purity” and at least a partial updating of technical Park of the municipal enterprise “Gorsvet”. Overall this year we plan to hold a series of purchases that will in the long run to work on the development of different sectors of our city.

“Svoboda” has initiated the payment of benefits to families of captured seafarers.

Members of the Executive Committee of the party “Freedom” concretized done for the year.

For the first time since independence, has updated the book Fund of Cherkasy libraries. Introduced in urban schools e-journals. Now parents are informed about grades of their children on mobile phones.

For the soldiers of the Russian-Ukrainian war have identified 74 of the land, provided the opportunity to exercise at the municipal pool. At the initiative of the “Svoboda” families of prisoners on 25 November, the Ukrainian sailors will be paid material assistance.

Members of the faction “Freedom” is not allowed to privatize “the country Andreeva” and to build up forests “Sosnovka” multi-story buildings.

Updated observation deck in the Pine forest, opened the city’s first ice arena, spent repairs in kindergartens and schools in the 68 million UAH.

Established 1726 energy-saving lamps, bought the first for 11 years the truck and almost 1,000 new containers.

Increased up to 10 thousand UAH Cherkasy scholarships to athletes.

24% raised the salary of kindergarten teachers was transferred to city schools sports equipment to 2 million UAH, provided free travel for children from low-income families. Created a room-Museum of the famous Ukrainian Director Yuri Ilinca, planted in the parks in Cherkasy few hundred trees.

Banned the placement on the territory of the city of mobile zoos, shows and circuses with wild animals.

Reconstructed premises of the former cinema “World” and equipped modern gym complex, which will engage 300 children.

Created municipal football club “Dnepr” for youths under 19 years.


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