Suspect in the kidnapping of Jamie Kloss filed a statement of employment on the day of her escape


A man accused of kidnapping Jamie closs (Closs Jayme), has applied for a job at the warehouse, a distributor of alcoholic beverages in Superiore, Wisconsin, just a few hours before 13-year-old girl escaped from captivity, where he remained several months.

“I am an honest and hardworking guy – wrote Jake Patterson in the “Skills” in your resume sent to the company about noon on 10 January. “The experience a bit, but I develop at work and a fast learner,” said he.

Patterson kidnapped 13-year-old Jamie from her house on 15 October, and the killing of her parents. The girl stayed with him in captivity for 88 days. When he went to get a job, then laid the girl bags and weights under the bed, but Jamie managed to break free and escape. Patterson was arrested the same day and confessed that he kidnapped Jamie and the murder of her parents, James and Denise Kloss.