Surkis went to war against the national team of Ukraine on football

Media reported that the attempts of disqualification of the Ukrainian national team at the UEFA Euro 2020 is Surkis

The story of naturalizations Moraes were no signs of any trouble at the start was pretty smooth. The right to give citizenship to those who make a contribution to the development of the state, widespread in many countries of the world. According to this principle a citizen of the Russian Federation was a famous French actor Gerard Depardieu, writes the online edition of Argumentum.

About also, not living in Ukraine for 5 years (as specified for most), the citizen of our country at the time was Mikhail Saakashvili.

A justification of the decision of the President of Petro Poroshenko sounded like this: “Saakashvili is a person of the state interest for Ukraine.”

The same procedure was applied to Uliana Suprun and hatii, Demonize. And then on this occasion no one had any questions. But after the Ukrainian team in the Junior Moraes won the first place in the group in the framework of UEFA Euro 2020, the football and the Ukraine collapsed complaints from defeated opponents.

As reported by the media, is himself a Portuguese newspaper Mais Futebol broke up our information space the information that the naturalization Moraes was made allegedly in violation of the rules and regulations of FIFA.

Moreover, due to the fact that the 31-year-old Brazilian, who became the Ukrainian national team of Ukraine may now face technical defeat in the opening two matches of UEFA Euro 2020.

Oil poured into the fire, a statement of the football Federation of Portugal, which has sent in UEFA the complaint in the case of Moraes. Then complained and Luxembourg.

Both the Federation of Ukraine is charged with a violation of Article 7 of the FIFA statutes “a new citizenship”, which provides for a certain minimum period of stay of a foreigner in our country.

It is noteworthy that the employment history of Moraes in Ukraine all this time was stored in only one place – the capital of FC “Dynamo”. And this club is the only source of information regarding the precise calculation of time and days that the Portuguese footballer spent playing for Ukrainian team and on mission while in the rental.

As the Argumentum says, Ihor Surkis has preferred to leave these statements of our opponents for the selection with the purpose to deprive Ukraine the right to get to Euro 2020. Despite a brilliant start the team.

In parallel, sports lawyers and Portuguese website Betnews details to understand the basics of Ukrainian Laws and FIFA rules. They ultimately agreed that naturalization Moraes was conducted in full compliance with national legislation and does not contradict the FIFA statutes.

“1) in Ukraine continuous year of stay is the stay in the country 183 days per year;

2) in determining the number of years continuously lived in the country, the nationality of the FIFA norms of local legislation;

3) when Moraes has performed in China, he in total spent in that year more than 183 days on the territory of Ukraine, and therefore there was no violation”, – is told in the message Betnews.

Lawyer Ilya Skoropashkin, in turn, justify why travel Moraes in China do not interrupt required for citizenship duration of his staying in Ukraine.

“According to part 3, article 9 of the Law of Ukraine “On citizenship of Ukraine” one of the reasons it is continuous residence on legal grounds on the territory of Ukraine for the past 5 years.

Pursuant to par. 10 article 1 of this act, continuous residence in the territory of Ukraine shall be considered residence in Ukraine persons, if it is a one-time trip abroad on private business didn’t exceed 90 days and in total for the year is 180 days.

In this case, is not a violation of the requirement of continuous stay departure of a person abroad on a business trip, to study, on holiday, on treatment, on the recommendation of the relevant medical establishment or modification of the person’s place of residence on the territory of Ukraine.

The law of Ukraine “On freedom of movement and free choice of residence in Ukraine” (article 3) divides the concept of “place of residence” and “place of residence”.

The latter is considered the administrative-territorial unit in whose territory the person resides for a period less than six months a year (par. 4, article 3).

Thus, the absence of the person in the place of residence for less than six months does not interrupt the period of permanent residence on the territory of Ukraine from the point of view of national law.

Therefore, there is sufficient evidence to claim that a temporary stay of the player for 4 months in a foreign club on loan, is not an interruption of permanent residence in Ukraine.

That is, according to the current legislation of Ukraine, citizen of Ukraine Chaves Ribeiro Moraes Junior has lived continuously for at least five years on the territory of Ukraine and had every reason to play for the national team of Ukraine in the international match,” he explained.

“For what purpose Surkis went to war against the national team, Ukrainian football fans and the country as a whole – are difficult to understand. But we can assume that all this revenge and hatred of the FFU, where the Surkis brothers fought for a place in the UEFA Executive Committee, and which ignominiously lost.

Now everything will depend on the views of UEFA and FIFA. With them are working lawyers, FFU, proving the legitimacy of granting citizenship Moraes” – sums up Argumentum.

We will remind, the Brazilian received Ukrainian citizenship on March 18, was called to the national team 19, March 22, came on as a substitute in the match against Portugal (0:0), and March 25, first played the national team against Luxembourg (2:1).


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