Surkis: “Dynamo” able to win”

Ihor Surkis/ mirror of the week

President Dynamo Igor Surkis said after the game against Malmo (1:0) in the Europa League that the team needs to trust the coaching staff Alexei Mikhailichenko in an interview with the club’s YouTube channel.

“This victory is important, especially psychologically. Even in the first half it was obvious what cargo of responsibility lies on the team. Frankly speaking even I am not going out on the football field, felt the tension that was present. In the second half, the team proved that can play football, can win.

Given the fact that the restructured training process, children are in other loads… I would not want to criticize the previous coaching staff, they worked in their own way, Mickle works differently. Only in the future, near and far, we will make some conclusions on how the team is progressing, as is my game. In football they know how to play, it is unique. Just have to be confidence and belief that they are doing everything right on the football field, faith in the training process, the credibility of the coaching staff and to themselves”.

Recall that Dynamo won for the first time under the new coach.


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