Superstar WWE after his debut in MMA will continue to fight in the cage


After a successful debut in the Bellator tournament 214 former wwe superstar WWE Jake Hager (1-0) spoke about his victory by choke in the first round over Jay VI the Kaiser (0-2).

“We worked a lot. We wanted to use the grid. From the beginning, the enemy quickly found himself back at the fence, and I realized that he was going me to catch. As soon as I got on top of him, I realized he wasn’t getting up. So I feel very comfortable.”

Hager also said he would continue to speak in MMA and will make this sport a priority in his career.

“I want to make MMA his main goal in life. I want to do another battle soon. I know what I have to do a lot of work. After that night I can’t wait to get back to training MMA with their coaches and team.”

Recall, a tournament with Hager Ryan Bader knocked out Fedor Emelianenko.

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