Superleague. Odessa tied the score in the series.

Superleague. Odessa tied the score in the series.
19:12 Sat 30 March 2019 Telegraph Sports arena sports news: the Team of Oleg Oskina equalized in the series with the Dnieper and continues to fight for a spot in the semifinals.

BC Odessa in the second game of the quarterfinal series of the Ukrainian super League at home coped with BC Dnipro, thereby having evened the score and continued the struggle for an exit in the following round.

The team of Oleg Oskina not narrowly lost in the first two quarters, and the third segment of the game ended in a draw, but in the fourth quarter of the citizens have their fans and won with a lead of 11 points, which allowed them to win.

Earlier today, the BC Chemist became the first semifinalist of the super League, beating Kharkiv Polytechnic in the second game in a row.

Yesterday Cherkasy Mavpy Mykolaiv and equalized in the series against BC Zaporozhye and Kiev-Basket respectively.

BC Odessa — BC Dnipro 101:93 (25:26, 24:26, 23:23, 29:18)

Odessa: Glebov (21), Mishula (18), Fesenko (16)

Dnepr: Macy (22 + 10 assists), Windbags (18), Novikov (18)

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